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Stress Management

Stress has recently become popular word in our life. We speak of this, as the age of stress. Worry, anxiety, insomnia, stomach ulcers have become accepted as a necessary part of the world which we live.

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Your values are the unifying principles and core beliefs of your personality and your character; your values reflect what it is you believe in and stand for, and they lie at the very heart of everything you are as a human being.

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Most of the competitive exams are multiple choice questions where you will be provided with 4 options. You need to select the correct answer. CAT, GMAT, GRE, IT companys questions (Infosys, Wipro, TCS, etc) & most of the entrance tests has the same pattern. Probably, if you dont have the answers, you would be looking for coin for tossing (option A or B). or looking for a dice in rubber or Inky Pinky Ponkey starts.Here are few tips before you start old strategy. Below guess work will help you but doesnt guarantee for the correct answer.

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To achieve your personal best, you must fix up your goals in life Goals are your dreams with a time frame; They unlock your positive mind. Clear goals enable you to focus your attention and concentrate your energies. Goals give you vision and clarity. With clear written goals with a realistic time frame, you can accomplish more in a year or two, than the average person who might accomplish the same in ten to twenty years.