5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Essays for College Applications

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Composing an essay for a college application is not an easy task because the main purpose is to make it unique and inspiring enough to get accepted and actually seen by the admission committee. Therefore, it is also essential to focus on the list of the most common issues and mistakes. As it will always depend on the college in question and your personal situation or belonging to an ethnic minority, it is easy to make an accidental mistake by either not following the eligibility rules or including things that will instantly pose a red alert for the members of the admission committee.

1. Do Not Rewrite Your CV!

Do not make your college essay application a copy of what is already written and told in your CV or academic credentials. If such information is required, it will be easy to obtain it by looking up your personnel file. There is no need to repeat it all over again and tell of your academic merits. The purpose is to describe something unique and inspiring that will make you stand out from the competition!

2. Do Not Beg For Help!

Many college applicants these days are in a difficult financial state, which is why they often tend to complain about the situation or even beg to be accepted. Do not ever do that, and do not demand anything by insisting on your issues. Show how your challenges push you forward and help you achieve success. If you do not know how to write it down correctly, consider essay services reviews as a way to find the best solutions for your case without making it sound wrong. It is your attitude and the lessons that you learn that matter here!

3. No Clichés or Quotes!

Do not fill your college application with famous clichés like “I always knew that I wanted to become a…” or “I want to become a nurse because” type of thing. Try to state the reasons that actually made you make a certain choice! The same relates to various quotes that future college learners often use. While some quotes may be relevant, use them only at the end of your writing by making it sound like the completion of your thoughts that are also supported by some famous person. Still, if you do, make it connected to the rest of your writing, so it makes sense!

4. Do Not Use Irrelevant Information!

Another common mistake is turning to specific information that is not relevant to the college application. Some students even tend to mention that they like to travel and have been all over the world or tell about their pets or personal stories. Do so only if it is relevant. Otherwise, keep things strictly on point!

5. Provide Your Contacts Clearly!

Check your contact information twice and make sure that the email address, social media profile, and phone are both active and provided in the correct form. It will help to get back to you in case of success or if anything extra is required.

Writing Accuracy Always Matters!

The majority of future college students often ignore this aspect and tend to include various quotes and bright ideas that appear scattered all over the place or repeated more than once. While it is only natural to feel nervous and confused when writing an essay for your college application, all of these problems can be eliminated easily thanks to proper editing and proofreading. You have to show your writing skills as well, as it is a way to showcase your attitude and attention to detail. When a person starts reading your college application, and there are grammar and spelling mistakes, it will often become a reason for the rejection, so there are no lesser or more important factors at play!

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