Virtual Team-Building Activities for Remote Teams

Keeping workers interested, motivated, and effective while working remotely is perhaps the greatest challenge facing businesses today.

Company leaders, managers, and recruiting managers are attempting to improve the quality of team involvement via a variety of team-building activities, although many workers are growing more isolated because they work from home.

However, management still has concerns that workers would detach from the company and their colleagues despite having practically unrestricted access to these activities and a rise in the number of employees preferring remote or at least hybrid work arrangements.

This could not be farther from the truth, according to research published in the Harvard Business Review, which found that remote workers had at least 60% more team meetings per person in 2022 than they did in 2020.

In today’s digital era, when telecommuting and remote work are the standard and businesses are rapidly adopting virtual office environments, maintaining a happy and productive workforce is crucial. Here are four engaging and fun virtual team building activities that you can introduce to your remote workforce to help foster a strong team.

Lunch Room Conversations and Virtual Coffee Breaks

Unlike the traditional workplace, where workers might mingle around the break room to discuss sports or weekend plans, the virtual office has less of this. It can often create a barrier between coworkers.

If you want to encourage some lighthearted chat among your staff, consider hosting a virtual coffee break that they can attend remotely in the morning, at lunch, or at the end of a particularly stressful work week.

Although skill acquisition might not be apparent, a virtual coffee break or snack might help both new and experienced workers break the ice and learn from one another’s experiences.

Managers or hosts can make this even more exciting and engaging by presenting workers with a subject and allowing them to debate it among themselves, demonstrating team members’ general knowledge and ability to express themselves vocally among their peers.

Virtual Escape Rooms

The thrill and adrenaline of an escape room are almost unrivaled, regardless of your age. The virtual escape room would split workers into teams to compete for first place, exactly like in-person escape rooms.

By participating in this competition, teams can be put through their paces in terms of their ability to communicate, work together, and think critically, all of which are desirable qualities in a prospective employee. It might not seem like they are getting to know one another, but the virtual escape room is a clever approach for employees to collaborate with coworkers they have never met.

As a result of the increase in remote labor, businesses can now choose from a myriad of virtual escape room games. Third-party organizations can also host company events, which means that your team managers will not have to do as much planning.

Virtual Workplace Quiz

At least a few people on each team have likely competed in trivia before. Trivia games are a great method to improve teamwork and morale since they are both entertaining and informative.

Virtual Meeting
Virtual Meeting / Photo by Maxime on Unsplash

Generally, hosts would gather a list of questions, which can be narrowly focused or more general in scope. Thereafter, they will respond to these inquiries, either verbally or in digital format, from all members of the team.

Employees can compete against one another in teams, or they could participate alone if they like. Trivia games can be entertaining for a wide audience, making them a good choice for groups of any size. Moreover, this event will encourage some friendly rivalry among workers and test their breadth of knowledge.

Virtual Office Debate

Employees that can stay alert, creative, and on their toes are invaluable to any company. It means that they can communicate successfully with clients and vendors in a wide range of situations. In addition, these traits can assist them to increase their efficiency.

The virtual office debate is also a tool to train workers how to operate and make key choices under pressure. Employees will feel more comfortable working in a fast-paced atmosphere and resolving difficulties to the best of their talents and expertise.

Healthy rivalry among coworkers can be sparked by debating basic and straightforward issues. Choose universally relatable issues and make sure they include a big enough notion to be debated.

Final Thoughts

When employees are spread out around the world, it can be challenging to maintain their engagement and create a cohesive business culture. Employee motivation, creativity, and morale can all benefit from deliberate efforts to encourage employee engagement and provide opportunities for workers to work together effectively.

While the virtual workplace presents certain obstacles, remote team managers and executives can integrate typical in-person operations to offer more concrete outcomes that will boost total employee trust, support, and pleasure.

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