Top 5 Greatest Tissot Watches You Should Have In 2021

Tissot Watches
Tissot Watches

Tissot, a revolutionary product manufacturer that emerged in the mid-nineteenth century, had made its stance clear throughout different countries globally and is unique to every other Swiss timepiece company. Ever since its establishment in 1853, Tissot has been incorporated in its homeland of Le Locle, located in Switzerland, leaving its Swiss heritage at its heart.

Tissot products are accessible in a range of technological versions, featuring different styles of mechanical and automatic movements and solar panels as a power supply. Nowadays, the Tissot series is divided into such a variety of product categories, such as sporting timers, fitness bands, fashion accessories, etc.

Why Buy A Tissot Watch?

To take into account a watch to be luxurious or a great quality watch, it has to go further than literally reminding the time which could be found on Tissot products. It ended up getting to have heritage, it’s got to portray a way of living, and it gets to narrate a tale. In addition, watch experts realize Tissot’s specialties: possibly the best design as well as a skill for outfit watches.

Tissot fashion trends best quality pieces for any price bracket. Including their hundred dollar quartz watch contains a scratch-proof sapphire stone, a wonderfully unique stainless steel band with such a clear face including 100m maximum water resistance. Both of their devices are exposed to influence, stress, and waterproof checks.

Several of their sections are certified by that of the Official Swiss Research Institute. This indicates that they have endured 15 days of practice for precision and endurance under a range of demanding exposure in force and temperature environments. You recognize it’s an expensive brand because it’s a hallmark in a specialist culture.

1. Tissot PR 100 Men’s Chronograph

Tissot’s wristwatch products are among the strongest in the market. The PR 100 is among their most inexpensive timepieces, which is remarkably trendy. The PR 100 is a piece of steel made of stainless and a 41mm quartz band with a selling value of $395. It contains powerful pimps, 30-meter water resistance, and gazed paws that can overcome any water pressure.

That being said, the much more enticing element in the PR100 seems to be the clock itself. Many chronograph pieces look very chaotic; however, the PR100 has a sleek, elegant style. The watch features tend to vanish in the foreground but are readable when necessary. A further aspect of the device would be that it superbly suits both fabric and metal bands.

2. The Tissot Seastar 1000

The attraction of the underwater watches is one of their materialist coolness. They look stunning in any scenario. Yet, making them up could be a challenging task. Tissot launched the Seastar 1000 to respond to that call. Seastar is a sleek, trendy diving device that just does not come as a surprise at formal events. It is 42 mm diver wear and has 300m water resistance.

Seastar also uses a robust automated motion of the product and a sapphire stone. Seastar’s traditional look charm is the elegant and stunning streamlined blue watch plate with a bare period complexity. Although it provides conventional circular markings, the current appearance of the product makes it appear distinctive and innovative. It cost roughly $700.

3. The Tissot Every time Swissmatic

Tissot succeeds in ensuring superior products at reasonably competitive price ranges. Yet, also by their expectations, the Everytime is among the better quality watches on the marketplace. The Everytime Swissmatic is a mechanical device that has a 40mm, that also includes a scratch-proof sapphire stone.

The Everytime Swissmatic is a mechanical device that has a 40mm, that also includes a scratch-proof sapphire stone. Everytime watch is one of the widespread products for watch lovers.k For around $400, the Everytime provides many of the finest Tissot has to give, including their typical motions to the elegant watch bracket.

With streamlined packaging and essential time complexity, the Everytime Swissmatic is a form-fitting piece that is still not out of place for everyday clothing, rendering it an incredibly flexible watch. The stylish aesthetic of the profile leaves plenty of room for leisure experimenting with the clock.

4. The Tissot Tradition Men’s Chronograph

Silver dial pieces deliver a simple, stylish view that is almost difficult to get incorrect. That being said, several watch firms are now sporting blue or black toggle clocks. So, whenever we see a toggle that is silver, it automatically stands apart. With such features on a watch, it is really an eye-catching masterpiece.

This product is a 42m stainless steel timepiece with several desirable specs, as well as a sapphire stone, 30m liquid-resistant, stainless steel, and traditional indicators. In contrast to the conventional wristwatch features, custom provides a period complexity at around 4 and 5. The Tradition could be bought for $300, which would be a decent deal on a nice timepiece.

5. Tissot Automatic Couturier

Chronograph products may also be overly cliched. It is unusual for the company to be able to split the traditional chronograph model; however, with the Couturier, Tissot has been able to complete a modern outlook on the wristwatch. The Couturier is indeed a stainless steel piece with automatic operation, silver indicators, and sapphire stone.

Even so, whatever distinguishes the Couturier from many other wristwatches in the industry is its particular approach to the day-to-day challenge. It shows each and every period as a ‘fourth’ timepiece frame, offering a good, thorough look. Although this is a tiny point, the Couturier brings a layer to it.

The Couturier is at a range of $800-$900 on a much more luxurious end. However, for all those who appreciate the Couturier design and are comfortable with losing a few of the greater-end functionality, a quartz alternative without a day-to-day hassle is also accessible at around $300 respectively.


Everybody should encounter Swiss products at a particular stage in their voyage to acquire timepieces, and Tissot would be a perfect entry point. Their long heritage and commitment to value for money have rendered them among the most popular labels globally, and we cannot endorse them highly.

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