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Apple iPhone / Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

Great tips for new iPhone owners

Here are some Apple iPhone tips that should come in handy in taking advantage of some neat features in it. These following tips will help you to get the most out of your smartphone.

Small Business Tech Tips

5 Tech Tips for Small Businesses

Tech has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years and here are few smart tech upgrades worth considering, which could help your small business to thrive.

Apple iPhone 7 Tricks

7 Tricks To Master Your iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 brings lot of new features for Apple fans. Here is our list of seven tricks that will make you feel like an iPhone expert.


LG G5 Tips For Editing Text

You can type on your LG G5 using one of the available touchscreen keyboards or Google voice. Here are some tips to help you in editing text in your LG G5.