This Is The Security Software You Need On All Your Devices In 2020

Device Security 2020
Device Security 2020

Keeping your devices secure in 2020 is a very different prospect than a few years back. We are no longer so worried about malicious viruses that will cause chaos while destroying important files. On the contrary, our biggest fear today is of our data being stolen.

Unfortunately, this is a much more abstract threat, which is why it is so easy to take it lightly. That is until something happens. Identity theft is rife these days, and everyone is vulnerable to it if they are not taking preventative measures.

But what are the best preventative measures?

Antivirus Software

Yes, you still need the top antivirus software. No, it is almost nothing like the antivirus software of old. The antivirus software of today is more targeted at malware, which can gain hackers’ entry to your device. Before you know it, everything that happens on your screen is being recorded.

That scenario is frightening but not rare. Without antivirus software, you are at risk whenever you are using your devices. And these days, that means you are always at risk.

Chances are you do not think you need antivirus software on your smartphone, especially if you use an Apple. The reality is that Apple does a great job of preventing malware from infecting your devices. It does this by keeping its system closed. Nonetheless, if you want to prevent any chance of having your data stolen, install an antivirus now.


The VPN has been one of the most touted pieces of security software for years already. It provides you basic privacy when you use the internet. Instead of your IP address being broadcast for all to see, your identity is masked and protected. Your connection goes through an external server and what you do online can therefore not be traced.

A VPN is an absolute necessity, no matter what device you are using. Especially in today’s world, in which the government can easily surveil you, it is common sense to take basic measures to protect yourself. Using a VPN also ensures that you will not be censored or stopped from seeing content your government feels threatened by.


When you hear the term “firewall”, your first thoughts are probably the measures taken by schools and offices to prevent you from browsing the internet on their time. It is certainly not something you imagine installing for your own use.

However, a firewall has an incredibly important use. Having a firewall on your device can prevent apps and websites from collecting ad information in the background. Just about every app and website is tracking you in order to better target you with advertisements. There is nothing malicious about it, but the access it gives to big corporations is terrifying.

Try the app “Lockdown” for an easy-to-use firewall that is reliable and trustworthy. It will show you just how often data is being collected from your devices. You will be unpleasantly surprised by the results.

Protecting your devices today is all about keeping your data private. Do not be fooled into thinking that because you cannot see the threat it is not there. If you are not using the necessary security tools, you are being monitored at this very moment.

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