How to Take Your Customer Journey to the Next Level

Customer Experience
Customer Experience

In a previous article, we discussed how you can deal with bounce rates on your website. Dealing with a high bounce rate requires you to optimize page load time, improve the user experience, and tackle issues like badly designed navigation.

Similar to improving your site to pamper visitors, optimizing the sales funnel of your online business is a great way to increase conversion. The journey of your customers greatly affects their decision to use (or not use) your products and services.

So, how can you improve that customer journey and sales funnel? Here are some of the tips to use to boost your online business right away.


Mundane tasks consume a lot of resources. Many online businesses, especially those run by a small team from a comfy home office, struggle when it comes to delivering the best customer journey as their customer base grows.

The challenge can be solved by expanding the team, but that too is not a solution for every business. Expanding your team leads to a higher overhead cost, which leads to lower flexibility and competitiveness.

What you want to do instead is automate most, if not all, of your sales and marketing tasks. Tools like PieSync, combined with platforms like Salesforce and Mailchimp, helps you automate data synchronization and other tasks in a seamless way.

Add Personal Touches

PieSync is a handy automation tool to use because of the way it is set up. When comparing PieSync vs. Automate, you will see that the former does more than offer a simple way to send data from one platform to another. PieSync extends its features beyond other tools on the market.

Synchronization, for instance, happens both ways. Data from multiple platforms are synchronized in a seamless way, allowing for all of the marketing and sales platforms you use to be up to date. This is a key component to delivering a personalized customer experience.

Different platforms can then be used with personal touches. You can, for example, use MailChimp to send personalized thank-you emails without making those emails appear robotic or automated. You can use rules in PieSync to trigger different actions too.


The last piece of the puzzle is customer insight. As a marketer and a business owner, you need to start listening to your customers and prospective clients more. The more you learn about your customers, the more tweaks you can implement to your sales funnel.

A good example is reducing the sales cycle by engaging potential customers on social media. When you know the market segments you target and the social media platforms those segments use the most, you can tailor your digital marketing campaign to a specific purpose.

Other parts of your operations can be tuned to the needs of the customers too. Improving customer support, reducing lead and delivery times, and other improvements will come naturally when you know how to treat your customers best.

Yes, you can automate this process too. At the end of the day, you can take your sales process to a whole new level with the help of marketing automation tools. The fact that you can still add personal touches along the way is a huge plus that will make your online business more competitive.

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