Google adds PayPal support for more Google Apps, no login needed

Google - PayPal Partnership
Google - PayPal Partnership

PayPal has been available as a payment option for Google Play Store for quite some time. Now, both companies have decided to take their business little further and now we can use PayPal as a payment option on all Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, and also peer-to-peer payments.

The best part of this new arrangement is that we only need to sign in once and will never need to log in again (unless you choose to log out). When you add PayPal to your Google Play account, it will automatically add as a payment option for all other Google services.

For example, when a user adds PayPal to their Google Play account, it will automatically enable their linked PayPal account and make it available as a payment option across popular Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Pay and Google Store, including where Google offers peer-to-peer payments, without the user needing to log in again.

While this may sound an alarm among privacy enthusiasts, Google and PayPal have not yet clarified on whether we can opt-out of this feature.

PayPal Support In Google Services

PayPal Support In Google Services

Google and PayPal first collaborated in 2014 to offer the latter as a payment solution on Google Play store. However, it also means we have to switch between Google Play and PayPal screens to complete a transaction. It could sometimes result in payment gateway errors. The new agreement is meant to fix this problem, so we do not have to sign-in every time they purchase something from Play Store or other Google services. Last year, Google has also added PayPal support in Android Pay.

PayPal and Google Pay share common goals of creating simple payment solutions across our platforms that enable people to shop more seamlessly. We look forward to continued collaboration that helps increase conversion for merchants and gives users the flexibility, security and speed that digital payments can offer.

This new arrangement is beneficial for both parties. For PayPal, it is another feather in the cap and cements its place as the leader of online payments across multiple platforms. For Google, it attracts more potential users, who are comfortable using PayPal, than using their credit cards for online purchase. It also means users will be less inclined to cancel orders or change their minds if the payment process is almost instantaneous.

Soon, users in the U.S. who add PayPal to any one of Google’s services will be able to pay across the Google ecosystem, anywhere that PayPal is offered as a payment method, with only minimal setup.

The new and improved PayPal support is coming later this year to US users and it will be available across all Google services that accept payments. For other countries, we can expect it to arrive by this year’s end. So, if you prefer using PayPal and appreciate the protection it offers to buyers and sellers, then this deeper integration is probably good news.



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