Apple Watch Owners Complains About Wear And Tear

Apple Watch - Wear & Tear Issues
Apple Watch - Wear & Tear Issues

There are reports about some wear issues in Apple Watch, especially the Space Gray ones. There are posts on Reddit and the Apple Discussion Forums that show both the Apple logo and actual text etched into the back of the watches peeling off.

Signs of wear and tear are common to gadgets, and particularly to wearables. The Apple Watch is not exempt to this, but considering the cost, which is still higher than every other smartwatch in the market, some people believe their Apple Watch needs to be more durable.

Apple Discussion Forums and even Reddit has a good amount of posts complaining about the durability of the Apple Watch Sport. On Apple Discussions, user dougie70w who bought his Apple Watch at the beginning of June, says that “the band started to peel part so bad that I replaced it with an after market metal band that I purchaced on Amazon“. He has an appointment at a local Apple Store today and hopes that having Apple Care will let him get a replacement.

Others complain that the watch bands are also not behaving according to their price tag. Some users of the Apple Watch Sport already claim that Apple has offered a free replacement which is good, but we haven’t heard about those complaining about the watch band.

One user told AppleInsider that Apple has contacted them and promised a replacement for their Apple Watch in return for the old one. The Apple Watch owner was asked, they said, about climate, activity levels, and whether it had been immersed in water. The representative from Apple also said that this was only reported on space gray Sport models.

Many if not all of the damaged units appear to be space gray Sport models, implying that the problem is with the way text is printed on those devices. Stainless steel Watches have their text engraved instead of printed.

It is good thing to see Apple is willing to replace these devices. So, If you are seeing this on your own Apple Watch, be sure to contact Apple to see if they will replace it.

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