8 Essential Apps for Digital Nomads to Make Working and Traveling Easier

Apps for Digital Nomads
Apps for Digital Nomads / Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Already in 2021, there were 15 million digital nomads in the US alone. This trend continues. Technology plays a significant role in the lives of digital nomads. Utilizing digital nomad apps can facilitate staying connected with people, managing work and travel, and enhancing your overall lifestyle. Take a look at the list below to discover some of the best apps for digital nomads.

1. Citizen Remote

Citizen Remote serves as the ultimate digital nomad app for community, organization, and connectivity. The app was designed for the digital nomad lifestyle by individuals who live it themselves, offering help with visas and space to record journeys. You can easily connect with other remote workers through the app, whether you need collaborators for work or companions for your next expedition. You can download the beta version of the app from both the Google Play and Apple App Stores and stay tuned for future updates.

2. Omio

The user plans to locate wonderful Worldpackers hosts and then determine the most cost-effective mode of travel. They typically journey overland to most places and rely on Omio to find affordable transportation options for shorter distances. The Omio app and website can help budget-conscious travelers find available routes from major European transit organizations, while also considering options from local transport providers that offer the best prices. Arranging options by departure and arrival time is also possible.

3. PDF Scanner App

If you are looking for digital nomads’ work apps, one of them is the PDF Scanner App for iPhone. With it, you can scan documents on iOS in a few steps on your phone. This scanning tool is capable of producing high-quality results. In other words, it can easily scan IDs, presentations, and other physical documents. All digital nomads need a scanner app, as document work is a big part of life and work, and this app makes it easy.

4. Meetup

The Meetup app helps people connect with a local community of like-minded individuals and other digital nomads. Signing up and navigating the app is easy, and users can select their interests and favorite activities for better event suggestions. There is no fee to register. Meetup charges $14.99 per month or $19.99 per month (with no limits) for groups with three or more organizers and up to 50 members. The app is a great option for those who are uncomfortable meeting new people.

5. Monzo

The mentioned app exemplifies an emerging trend in banking: online banks. Currently, Monzo is preferred for spending and withdrawing overseas without any fees and at lower exchange rates. Its app boasts a budget tracker and real-time balance and transaction updates, in addition to facilitating access to a customer-friendly support team with prompt responses. It is imperative to mention that Monzo is available only to UK residents, yet equally good alternatives such as Revolut and N26 exist.

6. Freedom

This excellent app helps block distractions and improves work focus. Users may set a specific time to block social media apps, websites, or any other online distractions. This app is available for a free trial with three different plans: monthly, yearly, or forever (paid once). At a monthly rate of $6.99, users can opt for the yearly package of $2.42 per month (paid per 12 months) or a one-time payment of $129 for a permanent package. This app is recommended for anyone needing to stay focused.

7. Trello

Trello facilitates efficient teamwork and boosts productivity. It provides users with flexible and enjoyable boards, lists, and cards to prioritize and organize their projects. These cards are easily accessible by the entire team and can hold an ample number of details, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and performs their assigned tasks efficiently. While individuals and small teams can use Trello for free, it has several package options, ranging from a standard package for $5 per month to a premium and enterprise package.

8. Safety Wing

It is recommended not to travel without adequate health insurance coverage. Although it is an expense that one hopes to never have to utilize, it provides peace of mind and security. There are different options available, including some aimed at digital nomads, but Safety Wing is a preferred provider due to its flexibility. Payment is made on a monthly basis, with the option of canceling at any time, even temporarily when returning home or long-term when ceasing all trips.


If you are looking for mobile apps to make traveling easier, you have a lot to choose from. By utilizing technology and these helpful apps, digital nomads can make their travels more efficient and sustainable. From staying connected with the local community to arranging transportation options, there is an app for almost every aspect of the nomad lifestyle. Exploring each one will ensure that travelers have all the essentials.

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