How To Use Security Settings - LG G Flex

How To Use Security Settings - LG G Flex
How To Use Security Settings - LG G Flex

Learn how to use security settings on your LG G Flex. Use the Security menu to configure how to help secure your phone and its data.

  • Encrypt phone: Allows you to encrypt data on the phone for security. You will be required to enter a PIN or password to decrypt your phone each time you power it on.
  • Set up SIM card lock: Allows you to set if you want to require a PIN to use or, if set, allows you to change the PIN.
  • Password typing visible: Checkmark to briefly show each character of passwords as you enter them so that you can see what you enter.
  • Phone administrators; Add or remove phone administrators.
  • Unknown sources: Allow installation of non-Play Store applications.
  • Verify apps: Disallow or warn before installation of apps that may cause harm.
  • Trusted credentials: Checkmark to allow applications to access your phones encrypted store of secure certificates and related passwords and other credentials. You use credential storage to establish some types of VPN and Wi-Fi connections. If you have not set a password for the secure credential storage, this setting is dimmed.
  • Install from storage: Touch to install a secure certificate.
  • Clear credentials: Deletes all secure certificates and related credentials and erases the secure storage's own password.

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