How To Customize Display Settings - LG G Flex

How To Customize Display Settings - LG G Flex
How To Customize Display Settings - LG G Flex

Learn how to customize display settings on your LG G Flex. You can change Wallpaper, Screen Swipe Effect, Allow Home Screen Looping etc.

  • Select Home - Sets the home style for your device. Choose Home or EasyHome.
  • Theme - Sets the screen theme for your device. Choose Flex or LG.
  • Wallpaper - Allows you to set the Home screen wallpaper.
  • Screen swipe effect - Choose the desired type of effect to display when you swipe from one Home screen canvas to the next.
  • Allow Home screen looping - Allows you to select the type of effect to display when you swipe from one Home screen canvas to the next.
  • Portrait view only - Select to display the Home screen always in portrait view.
  • Home backup & restore - Select to backup and restore app/widget configurations.

Lock screen

Select screen lock - Select the desired option to secure your phone from the below.

  • None - No lock screen.
  • Swipe - Swipe any part of the screen to unlock screen.
  • Face Unlock - Unlocks the screen through facial recognition. Follow the prompts. You are asked to select Pattern and/or PIN as a backup.
  • Pattern - Allows you to set a pattern as your screen lock. It's recommended that you enter a backup PIN as well in case you forget the pattern.
  • PIN - Enter a numeric PIN to unlock the screen.
  • Password - Enter a password to unlock the screen.
  • Swing Lock screen - If this option is checked, you can enjoy seeing the wallpaper on the lock screen pan vertically in the direction you tilt the phone.
  • Screen swipe effect - Select the screen effect you want to use when unlocking the screen.
  • Weather animation - Show weather animation for current location or primary city set in the Weather app.
  • Wallpaper - Select the wallpaper to display for your lock screen.
  • Shortcuts - Customize shortcuts on the lock screen.
  • From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key > All settings > Display tab, then tap the Lock screen > Shortcuts.Select the app you want to add as a shortcut on the Lock screen.
  • Owner info - Display the owner info on the lock screen. Tap Settings icon to set the desired information.
  • Lock timer - Allows you to set the amount of time before the screen automatically locks after the screen has timed-out.
  • Power button instantly locks - Checkmark to instantly lock the screen when the Power/Lock Key is pressed.

Front touch buttons

Configure the front touch buttons options.

  • Button combination - Select the desired front touch button combination.
  • Color - Select the color of the front touch buttons.
  • Transparent background - Select to use a transparent background on the front touch buttons area.
  • Swipe front touch buttons - If you checkmark this option, you can adjust the area of the front touch buttons for one-handed operation by swiping the front touch buttons area to the left or right.
  • Hide front touch buttons - Checkmark each app to set the front touch buttons hidden when the app is launched.


  • Adjust the screen brightness by using the slider. Tap Auto to set the brightness to automatically change.

Screen timeout

  • Set the time delay before the screen automatically turns off.

Screen-off effect

  • Set the screen off effect used when the screen turns off.

Auto-rotate screen

  • Set to switch orientation automatically when you rotate the phone.

Screen mode

  • Select the desired screen mode between Standard, Vivid, and Natural.


  • Select the screensaver to display when the phone is sleeping while docked and/ or charging.

Font type

  • Select the desired font type.

Font size

  • Select the desired font size.

Smart screen

  • Checkmark this option to keep screen on when the phone detects your face looking at the screen.

Smart video

  • Checkmark this option to pause videos while playing automatically when the phone detects you are not looking at the screen.

Notification LED

  • Select which type of notifications to display the front or back side LEDs for.

Auto-adjust screen tone

  • Checkmark this option to save battery power by adjusting the screen brightness automatically with analysis of image color.

Screen capture area

  • Allows you to adjust the area captured by a screen shot. Choose between Capture full screen and Capture part of screen.

Note: Press and hold the Volume Down Key and the Power Key at the same time to capture the screen.

Aspect ratio correction

  • Change the resolution size of downloaded applications to fit the screen size.

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