How To Use Action Memo - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How To Use Action Memo - Samsung Galaxy Note 3
How To Use Action Memo - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Learn how to use action memo on your Samsung galaxy Note 3. Action Memo allows you to quickly write memos and link them to actions such as making a call, sending, a message, or searching the web.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Action Memo icon.
  • Tap an existing Memo to open it then tap the screen to enter edit mode.


  • Tap Create icon to create a new action memo.
  • Use the on-screen options to create your memo.
  • Tap Save icon to store the new memo.It include these feature:
    • Allows you to add free-format drawing and change the input color.
    • Allows you to erase marks and drawings.
    • Circle an on-screen text or drawing to then assign that as an action item to an available application such as: Call, Contacts, Messaging, Email, Internet, Maps Calendar event.
    • Displays additional functions.
    • Allows you to edit the current color.
    • Detaches the current memo and converts it in a small popup box.
    • Reduces the number of on-screen options.
    • Closes the current session and save the action memo.
    • Cancels the current memo.
    • Saves the current memo and creates a new one.
    • Add an additional page to the memo. From within the main application screen select the following functions:
      • Search icon: allows you to search for information within existing memos.
      • Create icon: allows you to create a new memo.
      • Delete icon: allows you to delete an existing memo.

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