How To Customize Internet Settings On Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

How To Customize Internet Settings On Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
How To Customize Internet Settings On Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Learn how to customize internet settings on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.Use the browser settings to customize the browser on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

  • From the Home screen, touch Internet.
  • While viewing a webpage, touch Menu > Settings.

Customize the Browser by using the following options:


  • Set home page: View and set the default first page that displays when you launch Internet.
  • Form auto-fill: Enable or disable form auto-fill to complete Internet forms with a single click.
  • Auto-fill text: If Form auto-fill is enabled, set up the following information:
    • Full name: Enter your name.
    • Company name: Enter a company name.
    • Address line 1: Enter your address.
    • Address line 2: Enter any additional address information.
    • City/Town: Enter your city and town.
    • County: Enter your county.
    • Postcode: Enter your ZIP code.
    • Country: Enter your country.
    • Phone number: Enter your telephone number.
    • Email: Enter a valid email address.

Privacy and security

  • Clear cache: Delete content and databases stored on the device.
  • Clear history: Delete the list of previously-visited pages.
  • Show security warnings: When enabled, the browser warns you if there is a problem with a sites security.
  • Accept cookies: When enabled, allows the browser to save and read cookie information used by webpages.
  • Clear all cookie data: Delete cookie information saved to the device.
  • Remember form data: When enabled, stores information you enter into forms to make future forms easier.
  • Clear form data: Deletes saved form information.
  • Enable location: When enabled, sites you visit can request access to your location.
  • Clear location access: Clear location access for all websites.
  • Remember passwords: When enabled, saves user names and passwords for sites you visit, to make future visits easier.
  • Clear passwords: Clear all saved user names and passwords.
  • Enable notifications: Set web notifications access information as Always on, On demand, or Off.
  • Clear notifications: Remove web notification access information.


  • Force zoom: Override the website's request to control zoom.
  • Text size: Use the Preview field and the following controls to configure text size:
    • Scale text up and down: Scale the text size up or down using a slider bar.
    • Zoom amount on double tap: Set how much to zoom when you double-tap the screen, from 75 to 125 percent.
    • Minimum font size: Set the minimum font size, which can range from 1 point to 24 points.
  • Inverted screen rendering: Use the Preview screen and the following controls to configure inverted screen rendering:
    • Inverted rendering: Enable the display of websites with inverted colors black becomes white and vice versa.
    • Contrast: If Inverted rendering is enabled, use this slider to set the contrast, which can range from 100 to 300 percent.


  • Select search engine: Choose a search engine from Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.
  • Open in background: When enabled, new windows open behind the current window.
  • Enable JavaScript: When enabled, Internet automatically runs JavaScript scripts on pages you visit.
  • Enable plug-ins: When enabled, Internet automatically loads and runs plug-ins on pages you visit.
  • Default storage: Select where Internet stores files.
  • Website settings: View and manage settings for individual websites.
  • Default zoom: Adjusts the zoom feature. Set to Far, Medium, or Close.
  • Open pages in overview: When enabled, displays an overview of newly-opened pages.
  • Auto-fit pages: When enabled, Internet automatically sizes webpages to fit your devices display.
  • Block pop-ups: When enabled, blocks pop-up windows.
  • Text encoding: Choose a default character set for webpages.
  • Reset to default: Clear all browser data and reset all settings to the factory defaults.

Bandwidth management

  • Preload search results: Enable the browser to preload high confidence search results in the background to help speed up searches. Options are: Never, Only via Wi-Fi, or Always.
  • Load images: When enabled, images are automatically loaded when you visit a page. When disabled, images are indicated by a link, which you can touch to download the picture.


  • Quick controls: When enabled, the Application and URL bars are hidden. To access the hidden controls, swipe inward from the left or right edge of the screen to access Quick Controls.
  • Google Instant: When enabled, you can use Google Instant when you use Google Search to show results as you type. Enabling this option can increase data use.

Note: This article will work on both Samsung Galaxy Tabs; including Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

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