Buying Refurbished IT Equipment: 4 Tips From the Pros

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The refurbished PC market is set to reach a value of $14.76 billion by 2027. And a significant part of this growth can be attributed to savvy businesses that seek out high-quality refurbished IT equipment for a much better price than if they would buy new equipment.

In fact, there are many reasons why buying refurbished IT equipment makes a lot of sense. The most popular IT equipment has excellent availability, which drives costs down. And when you buy reliable products, you can be confident that they will perform well even if they are not brand new, especially after being refurbished and thoroughly tested.

But if you want to make the most of the opportunities that buying refurbished can offer, you need to understand the most important principles that go into finding good offers and protecting yourself from some of the major risks.

To help you get started, let us look at a few of the key tips from the pros about buying refurbished IT equipment for your company.

Only Buy From Reputable Sellers

Working with a reputable seller is always a good idea, even when buying brand-new equipment. But when you are buying refurbished IT assets, protecting yourself by only working with someone that has a proven track record becomes even more crucial.

That is why it makes sense to start your search for sellers by looking at their reputation and online presence. If a seller has a reputable website, good reviews, and a strong social media presence, such as a lot of Instagram followers who comment and like their posts, you can be more confident that they have good quality control standards and will honor the warranty that you sign for.

Even though an unknown company that has not been around for long might offer you the best deal or make the boldest promises, that will not matter much if they are nowhere to be found once you run into issues and need help resolving them. It is almost always better to trust someone who has been around for longer and will likely still be there in the future.

Consider if the Equipment Has a Good Reputation

Just as it is important to work with service providers that are more established, you should also choose equipment that has stood the test of time and has become a leading option for the type of technology in the business world.

For instance, there is a reason why refurbished NetApp storage systems remain a popular option among professional users. It has stood the test of time and has thousands of raving reviews from customers who swear that the hardware is extremely reliable.

In addition to that, when you choose to buy from a reputable refurbisher, you are minimizing the risks of having to deal with potential issues and are much more likely to be happy with your purchase.

Inquire About the Quality Control Process

If you want to make an informed decision when purchasing refurbished IT equipment, it is a good idea to gain at least a basic understanding of the quality control process that the vendor is using.

When a product is refurbished, it needs to be put through rigorous quality control tests that accurately show whether the product is in good condition and can withstand long and intense use.

IT equipment can be responsible for storing, transferring, and accessing vital data in your organization, so you want to minimize the chances of things going wrong as much as possible. And the quality control process plays a vital role in doing so.

Develop a Relationship With the Vendor

Develop a relationship
Develop a relationship / Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Most companies that start buying refurbished IT equipment quickly realize that it provides a lot of value. And so, it is very likely that if you are considering buying refurbished IT equipment, you will make it a regular practice at your company.

As a result, it's a good idea to look for a reputable vendor with whom you can build a more lasting relationship. That matters not just because of the initial sale or potential warranty needs, but also because it will make buying refurbished products in the future much easier.

When you have a long-standing relationship with a provider, you can usually get better deals and save a lot of effort because you will not have to research vendors, trusting the one you have to deliver on their promises. In fact, the vendor can even become a trusted source of information, advising you on the best-refurbished solutions for your current and future needs and allowing you to avoid mistakes that could result in disappointing outcomes for your business.

Bottom Line

Buying refurbished IT equipment is an excellent way to reduce expenses and get top-quality products at a much lower rate. But when buying used products, you need to be more careful about who you buy from and what products you choose if you want to minimize your risks.

Always look for a vendor with a solid reputation so that you can build a long-term partnership and use the full benefits that refurbished IT solutions can offer.

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