5 Ways To Utilize Technology To Work More Effectively

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Successful companies in the modern economy are always on the lookout for ways to boost output with the aid of technological advancements. Technology has the potential to automate or otherwise streamline any tasks if applied properly.

If you want to know how to maximize your productivity using technology, here are five tried and true methods. All of which you can put into action right away in your business. Let us get into it.

Manage Your Freelancers Effectively

Think about this. Everyone is in a flurry of activity as the deadline for a major project rapidly approaches. Immediately, freelancer A gets to work on project C, while freelancer B begins the job without realizing that someone else is already on it. In the end, both workers feel like they were wasting their time due to the ensuing confusion.

Poor project management is an obvious source of lost productivity, regardless of how you could characterize it. The effect on employee morale is bad, to say the least.

Investing in a quality freelance management system may help you prevent this. With a tool of this kind, you will always who already works on a project and who is available and ready to start working on a new one. In addition, an FMS comes with a global payment processing feature, which can be useful if you hire contractors internationally.

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Woman working on Macbook / Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Use Group Chats

Technology like group messaging and group chat rooms has the potential to greatly enhance the effectiveness of internal communications and the productivity of staff members. As an added bonus, these technologies reduce the time wasted by many workers as they chase their tails through email.

There is no longer any need to employ the tired “I missed your email” excuse for not responding quickly enough to pressing inquiries. Keeping open lines of communication is easy with the widespread availability of group chat software such as Slack and Fleep.

Ease Up on the Little Things

Every day, we all waste a few seconds or minutes on routine tasks. Most likely, you don’t give much thought to how long it takes you to do these errands. But it becomes a significant sum over the period of many days, weeks, or months.

Using technology can ease these chores, which in turn increases productivity. Your staff will be less likely to go through needless hoops or stress out over having these tasks completed.

Password Management Software, for instance, might be useful if your team often uses password protection on shared computers and data. This way, they can get what they need without needing to know the real password.

Because they won’t have to hassle a manager or coworker to acquire the answers they need, data security will improve and productivity will rise.

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Woman taking a call while working / Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Provide Proper Training

Leads need to be nurtured in marketing, just as workers need to be nurtured in the workplace. However, there is a wide gap between what managers and employees believe constitutes sufficient training. A study found that although 74% of employers believe they are assisting workers in acquiring new skills, just 38% of workers really feel this is actually true.

However, successful businesses prioritize employee skill development as part of their overall approach to performance management. So it is beneficial for both you and your staff to invest in employee training.

Employees who have received training are more inclined to embrace new technologies. To ensure that everyone is comfortable with the new technology, you should provide training sessions before, during, and after its implementation. Keep in mind that there is no universally effective method of education.

Boost Self-Service

Your staff members are very competent, so you should put your faith in them to handle a variety of tasks without much supervision. By providing self-service access to HR resources, you may save your workers the time and effort of traveling to the department each time they need anything.

Technology allows for the creation of individualized self-service platforms, where workers may do routine activities without assistance from management or other employees.

It’s a win-win for everyone’s productivity in the workplace as a whole.

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Final Words

Work productivity is a notion that influences almost every important variable that can be measured in an organization, including operational expenses, revenue, staff retention and turnover, and client and customer happiness.

It also affects less obvious but no less vital aspects of a business, such as corporate culture, the office atmosphere, employees’ experiences, and the company’s brand.

Unless you want to reduce your operations, the expectations and responsibilities of the workplace will only increase. This is a fact that must be accepted by every manager or company owner. It is your responsibility to prioritize the incorporation of productivity technology investments into your overall company plan.

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