Be Like Carl Johnson From GTA SA

Be Like Carl Johnson From GTA SA

You want be like CJ? You can, follow the simple steps below

(This step is optional) First of all if youre black, make your usual outfits jeans, sneakers and a tank top. This goes best if you live in an urban place like Los Angeles, City parts of the Philippines and etc.

Try to spray graffiti with green paint better. You should spray something like "OGs 4 Life" and other street stuff not like "I'm Awesome", no don't spray that because that will make you look stupid.

Try to have a girlfriend or a female friend to wear street clothes like jerseys, cargo shorts, etc. so that you will have someone as Denise Robinson

Try to have airsoft guns like a fake Heckler and Koch Universal Self-reloading Pistol or you can make one via wood, saw, and spray paint.

Get a few friends to act as Big Smoke, Ryder or Sweet and you can use bikes like in the mission Sweet & Kendl!

When youre going out for walks, try to wear green clothes.

The vehicle. If you have a car, try to add hydraulics to it and learn to lowride. C.J. knows how to lowride which is adapted from a friend of Sweet.

This is if you are going to make a video. As usual, all of the protagonist of GTA ALWAYS hijacks or Grand Theft Autos people but you want to do it well get some friends and a car or burrow one then stand in front on the on-going car and pull him/her carefully but make it look realistic.


  • Try not to go overboard or people will make fun of you for being a "PC Addict. Do this at the time you wont get embarrassed.
  • This will be work greatly if you are black but if you are white, don't worry! Try to wear t-shirts instead but keep the blue jeans and sneakers.
  • Try to mark fake tattoo on your body with markers, pens, etc.
  • Don't spray graffiti on public areas or you might get arrested! Especially if you have fake tattoos! Even if you tell them youre underage they may not believe you because of the tattoo!
  • You might get arrested for carrying a fake gun. They may mistake it for a real one!

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