Make A Spray For Counter Strike

Make A Spray For Counter Strike

You can make a Spray for Counter Strike, follow the simple steps below

Go into OPTIONS on the main screen and set "SPRAY" to which ever key on your keyboard you want to use. Once you have picked, click "OK" then "Apply".

Go back into OPTIONS and to the right and down from your name. There is a drop down box, this box is the pre-set sprays available for you to pick.

Pick whichever of these you want then click "OK" then "Apply.

If you want one of your own, find an image on Google or other image search program.

If you want to make your own picture, use Paint or other picture editing program and create your picture.

Also you could find a picture from Google or other image search program and copy and paste it into Paint, or other image editing program and edit it how you wish.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART: Make sure you save it into your C:Program FilesSteamSteamApps<your steam="" account="" name="" here="">counter-strike sourcecstrike or other variant depending on your computer set up.

Just make sure it's DEFINITELY in the SteamSteamApps<your steam="" account="" name="" here="">counter-strike sourcecstrike file or else its extremely hard to upload your picture.

Lastly go back to OPTIONS and click Upload rather than the drop down key, this will then open up a screen showing a list of files, these being: csource and two others.

Click on cstrike and then the picture you placed into the cstrike folder.

Wait for it to upload then click "OK" then "APPLY.

Go into whichever server you want and press the button you binded to "SPRAY."

Congratulations you just sprayed you first spray/ tag.


  • When you use paint or other picture editing programs set the measurement scale to pixels not centimetres or inches. This way when you have to pick which size you want your spray to be (they only offer in pixel sizes), you can pick the perfect size. This way in the game your picture won't be resized and end up being to compact or being overdrawn and looking stretched out.
  • Some servers have SPRAY set to 0. Which means no one is allowed to spray in that server, due to people using offensive or rude sprays. So don't worry your computer didn't mess up.
  • DO NOT use any pornographic or offensive sprays! Anything that anyone can get offended by can and most likely will get you banned from that server.

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