Create A Transparent Spraypaint Image In Source Games

Create A Transparent Spraypaint Image In Source Games

In most of the multi-player games made by Valve, there is a spray paint feature where a player can spray his or her logo where other people can see it. The spray paint logos had to be rectangular, but if you follow the steps you will have a wacky logo with an irregular shape and it is used to improve your signature. Follow the simple steps below

Get 'The Gimp', a totally 100% free image editing program. You can download it from

Install Gimp and the runtime files, and start the program.


Select 'New Image', and make the resolution 256x256 pixels. Make sure that next to 'Fill With', you select 'Transparency'. This is the crucial part of making the spray paint.

Create your logo however you want, and remember that they don't have to touch the edges of the box, this will be resized later. There are many advanced image editing tools similar to the ones in Adobe's Photoshop for you to use.

When you are satisfied with how your logo will appear on a surface during the game, click 'Save As' and choose 'x.tga' where x is the name of your logo. A box with two check boxes will appear. Make sure you uncheck both boxes, and then click 'OK'.

Open Steam and start the game you plan to use the spray paint with. In the main menu, go to 'Options', then 'Multiplayer', and you will see a button called 'Import Spray'

Click the 'Import Spray' button, then find the .tga file you saved earlier. Click 'OK', and you should see your free form logo in the preview box. Make sure you know what key to press to spray your logo, and make sure you followed the directions carefully.

Enjoy your brand new free form transparent spray paint image.


  • If, when you try to click 'OK' after selecting your saved .tga file, you get an error message saying: "Not a valid .tga file. Valid files are 24 and 32-bit image files. you forgot to uncheck the compression box in step #5.
  • Be careful that your spray paint is not offensive to anybody. This could get you in a lot of trouble.

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