Be A Good Role Player On SA: MP

Be A Good Role Player On SA: MP

Ever wondered onto how to become an excellent roleplayer in Grand theft auto: San Andreas Multiplayer servers such as NG:RP? You can be a good role player on San Andreas: MP. Follow the simple steps below

Make a good roleplay theme such as an Italian guy from Italy.

Start to research your themes customs and such. This will improve your interests in roleplay.

Build up a foundation for you to roleplay. Go up to someone at a bar or club. Ask their name, soon after you’ll have a deep relationship, leading on towards the /me’s and /do’s of it.

Once you’ve done that, start to use more descriptive language in your roleplay. For example: “/me slowly reaches into his back pocket, as he scrapes out a brass key. Then slides it into the keyhole turning it slowly as he taps his foot.” So on and so forth.

Get in touch with a gang or faction. They’ll give your reputation a high success keeping you to exercise your roleplay.

As soon as you’re done, you’ll have excellent roleplay in no time, give or take a month or two.


  • Memorize all the rules such as KoS and DM, They’ll make your roleplay better in shoot-outs.
  • Be nice and calm about it. Who cares, it’s just a video game.
  • May be too addicting. Take breaks!

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