7 Benefits of HD-TVI


HD TVI stands for High-Definition Transport Video Interface. Used in HD security cameras; this standard incorporates digital signal processing and transport technology for videos. The company named TechPoint had developed the TVI standard in 2014 to help people cope up with the technology advancements and to keep them up-to-dated.

The High Definition TVI allows you to keep your old coaxial cable while upgrading the cameras and recording equipment to HD quality, hence, making it backward compatible.  These systems cost less than the other digital models and promise to deliver affordable, yet, great solutions. HD-TVI is receiving a good amount of attention and that too, for a good reason.

Let us get to the benefits of HD-TVI one by one.

HD Resolution

HD-TVI supports 720p and 1080p resolution and this enhanced resolution further supports the ability to zoom in on video for detailed images. This is of great help when someone is viewing the video for detailed forensic inspection on areas of interest during live recording without distortion as it enables him to perform a closer thorough inspection.

Transitional Technology

As mentioned above, this standard is backward compatible with analog cameras. It is not only friendly with the existing CCTV cameras but also with existing coaxial cables, thus, bridging the gap between the existing system and the new system. You can purchase from a huge range of brands available in the market and get benefited by this truly transitional technology as it is budget friendly too.

Ease of Installation

Since no IP networking is required, therefore, the installation of HD transport video interface is pretty easy. Its setup is similar to that of analog video security systems or CCTV cameras. Due to the fact that the installation does not require a complex network infrastructure, the setting up time for these systems is lesser and the process is quicker whereas in IP cameras or WiFi cameras like Samsung’s SmartCam baby monitor, the situation is entirely opposite.

Affordable Prices

High definition TVI unlike IP cameras does not require any expensive network framework. Furthermore, we can say that these systems are available at a fraction of the cost when compared to megapixel IP solutions. Hence, they can be termed as cost effective solutions. This becomes possible as upgrading the existing coaxial cable to HD transport video interface is easy and involves minimal cost.

Long Cable Ranges

The said standard offers the longest distance transmission over RG59 coax and lower quality cabling compared to other HD analog formats. HD-TVI transmits high definition audio-visual up to 1500 feet over RG59 cabling, which is three times the distance covered by IP systems. Besides this, HD-TVI also caters to long distance installations with longer cable runs.

Minimum cabling cost

The feature of backward compatibility enables the buyer to use his existing RG59 coax cable, twisted pair cabling like Cat 6 or standard CCTV cabling. The use of pre-installed cables saves a lot of money involved in cabling and installation, still, transmitting the high definition video with good signal quality.

High quality transmission

Now, you can monitor video in real-time without any delay in the transmissions which is a common issue with IP solutions. ‘Zero Latency’ is what comes to your rescue as you watch video in real-time with no delays because in zero latency, a live audiovisual would mean “absolutely live video” without including any lag time. So, the wait is over now with an HD TVI camera and you need not have to hold back anymore to watch an important audiovisual due to the delay in transmission.

While there some myths surrounding security systems, they are just myths and we need a good security system to protect our home. In that aspect, the HD-TVI cameras have emerged as a solution for new analog HD surveillance system in the market. This installation easy and budget friendly concept is a smart choice from both home security systems and business security systems.

Rohan Sharma

Rohan Sharma is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. With more than 10 years of experience to his credit, Rohan has always been a pertinent contributor to the security industry. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well-renowned security products manufacturer and retailer. Needless to say, Rohan boasts for paramount and credible products only, with Revo's being his favorite.

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