Myths And Facts Of A Security System


Lately, even though the security systems are being adopted by more and more business organizations, schools, universities, and various other institutions, but still people have some incorrect notions regarding them. And, when it comes to home security, some people still think that it is better to buy a dog rather than investing in these systems. So in this article, we will be discussing some general myths that people have and would also find out how true they are by stating the facts.

Following Are Some Myth And Facts

Any kind of security system won't work if a burglar wants to break into my home.

Fact: As stated by some universities, homes fitted with any type of surveillance systems are less likely to be burglarized as compared to the ones with no system. Basically, intruders want to break-in without any distraction and trouble, and these systems pose both to them, hence, minimizing the chances of their entry.

Security systems are overpriced and not worth the cost.

Fact: The prices of these systems have drastically dropped as compared to the past and are still on the decline. In fact, they are available at quite economical rates nowadays. Moreover, discounts can further bet you a better price. Coming to its worth, it is always good to have someone looking after you when you are fast asleep or away. So, rather than thinking it a waste of money, consider it as a caretaker that never sleeps and keeps a record of everything that you see & that you don't see.

Dog is sufficient for our safety.

Fact: Dog is not an alternative to a security system. Dogs can be tamed or might not be that active due to certain reasons during the theft. Thus, you cannot completely and solely depend on them for your protection. It is always better to install security cameras in your premises so that you can record all the activities 24/7.

Good locality is safe from break-ins.

Fact: If you are living in a posh area and consider your locality to be safe from burglars, then wait for a second and think again! Rather, high-class areas are more prone to theft and trespassing incidents, especially during work hours. Therefore, it becomes imperative to position the said systems for your own safety and for the safety of your loved ones.

Security Systems are perplexing and hard to learn.

Fact: It is absolutely not true! First, these days people have become tech savvy and know how to drive complicated things like mobile phones, computers, laptops, and alike. Second, operating surveillance and security system is quite similar to using any other electronic device. If one can learn how to handle a smart phone, then that person can certainly run these systems too. Just a little guidance in the beginning and there you go.

You can't depend on wireless systems for protection.

Fact: This is not the fact. They are indubitably reliable and as a matter of fact, wireless systems have many more advantages over their wired counterparts. For instance, they are aesthetically good and as there are no cables, you need not worry about the burglars disabling the system by cutting the cable wires. Also, these wire-free systems are easily portable and can be moved easily from here and there.

Insurance is all I need and is sufficient.

Fact: Burglary is just not about losing your personal assets. There is more to it and insurance does not prove to be helpful for everything. When your personal space is invaded, it affects you psychologically too, and you need time to recover from the recent blow. Therefore, one must invest in surveillance system as it is a proactive approach towards protecting your abode.

They believe their stolen paraphernalia's can be replaced.

Fact: Although material belongings are replaceable, but there are certain things which carry emotional value and are irreplaceable. Moreover, most of the times emotional effects tend to remain for the longer period of time and are more upsetting compared to the loss of the belongings.

Hope, this piece of content was helpful in resolving your myths and providing you better insight into security systems.

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