12 Best Education And Learning Apps For Android

Education And Learning Apps For Android
Education And Learning Apps For Android

Using your smartphone or tablet to learn from just makes sense. When it comes to mobile apps, there is a diverse range of software that falls under the umbrella of education. From serious applications that help solve equations for students in higher classes to lee Play Store learning games designed for toddlers, the Play Store has it all.

Of course, proper instruction from a qualified teacher would be better than simply learning from an app. Therefore, it should be made clear that these apps are only recommended as supplements or when a formal education is not an option for whatever reasons.

We have tried including a lot of free apps however a few paid apps are also included in this list. So without further ado, here is the list of 12 Best Education And Learning Apps For Android.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo hit the ground running in 2014 and never looked back. It is a language learning app with a lot going for it. It teaches you languages in bite-sized chunks through little mini-games. The lessons get harder the further you go, but it always manages to stay fun. It supports over a dozen languages. The developers also boast that 34 hours in this app is equal to a semester in school. It is completely free to use. There are also no advertisements. It is one of the great learning apps for both adults and kids. Once you have mastered Duolingo, you can then move on to other stuff like Memrise, Rosetta Stone, etc for even more advanced language learning.

2. Brainscape

Brainscape claims you can double your learning speed by using flashcards. Brainscape paces the repetition of each concept perfectly, so you retain knowledge more effectively. Rate how well you know each concept and Brainscape will determine the right time to give you another quiz. It is free to create, share, and find user-generated flashcards. Pro subscription is billed at $10 per month, $30 semiannually, or $36 per year. You can also opt for a lifetime subscription for $80. Subscriptions give you access to unlimited premium content, features like bookmarks, browse mode, card reversibility, and allow you to create flashcards without ads.

3. Coursera

Coursera has proven itself as one of the best places to get an online education for free. They have partnered with 100+ top universities from all over the world to provide quality education at a price everyone can afford and their selection is vast: 600+ courses across 20+ subject areas.

While Coursera classes do follow a schedule, it is flexible enough that you are not locked at specific times of the day. Classes are interactive, available in at least 14 languages, and all course contents are provided free of charge to download at your convenience. Get started with these must-learn Coursera courses.

Alternatives to Coursera include Udemy, which contains a mixture of free and paid courses, and Udacity, which is an online course platform that focuses strictly on programming-related topics.

4. Mathway

Get free instant answers to your math problems, or subscribe to include step-by-step work and explanations using Mathway. Easy to use, correct solutions and a brief description of accompanying concepts make this a wonderful tool to have on your smartphone.

The app has topics like Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular online resource for learning. It teaches more traditional subjects like math, science, physics, economics, and more. The app boasts access to over 10,000 videos along with various lessons and courses. You can use it to learn new concepts or brush up on older stuff. Khan Academy’s big claim to fame is that it is completely free to use with no fees or hidden costs. That makes it one of the best learning apps for academics on a budget.

6. Ready4 SAT

Ready4’s series of test prep apps, like Ready4 SAT, goes well beyond just drilling you to answer practice questions. It actually aims to teach you the material and test-taking tips in mobile-friendly chunks, so that you can study whenever and wherever you have your smartphone. This free app even tries to match your potential SAT score with schools and academic programs around the world, just in case you need extra motivation to study.

7. TED Talks

Sometimes, education is not enough. Sometimes, you need a healthy dose of insight. For that, there are few places you can turn to that are as effective and enlightening as TED Talks. No other organization has built up such a large collection of interesting speakers from all over the world.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at these TED Talks about social media impact, revolutionary social relationships, human psychology and behavior, creativity and passion, and even learning how to be motivated. Seriously, take a look!

8. Speed Anatomy Quiz

How much do you know about your own body? When asked, would you be able to point to your kidneys, pancreas, or spleen? How about your pharynx, appendix, or sacrum? Anatomy is one of the densest subjects to learn but this app will make it 10x easier. Its usefulness cannot be understated.

Speed Anatomy Quiz is a game that asks you to point out various body parts within a time limit. The faster and more precise you are, the more points you earn. Granted, this app only teaches you about body part locations, not functions. However, it is a fantastic first step towards learning more about the human body.

9. Udemy

Udemy is one of the more popular course-style learning apps. Like many, it focuses on skill-based learning. It has courses on things like Adobe apps, Microsoft apps, and you can even learn things like public speaking, cooking, and other stuff. There are a variety of courses for free or you can pay to get one of the more in-depth ones. The courses usually revolve around video lectures with video examples. Thus, the app lets you watch them as you please. Some of them could use a little work, but overall it is a positive experience.

10. Photomath

For high-school students who just need a bit more guidance on how to isolate “x” in their algebra homework, Photomath is essentially your math buddy that can instantly solve and explain every answer. Simply snap a photo of the question (you can also write or type), and the app will break down the solution into separate steps with helpful play-by-play so that you can apply the same principles to the rest of your homework.

11. My Study Life

School life is complicated. To help you stay on top of your schedule and often conflicting deadlines, My Study Life is more than just a day planner and school calendar – the app even sends reminders to your mobile device whenever you have upcoming deadlines. As one of the few ad-free agenda apps on the market, My Study Life’s colorful interface gives you all the info you need regarding your day at a glance.

12. Lynda

Lynda is an online learning resource founded by Lynda Weinman. It is very similar to apps like Udacity, Coursera, or Udemy. It does have a much heavier focus on technology and work-related skills. They have the stuff to teach you how to code, how to design and create a website, or even more basic stuff like recording music for production or Microsoft Office skills. It is highly effective but it is also highly expensive. They do have a selection of free courses, but getting everything will cost you $25 per month (or $240 per year). It is still less than paying for college, though.

Bonus: Note Takings Apps

While using these apps, you may need to take notes and this is where note-taking apps come. Although most smartphones come with a basic note app, usually its features are not enough to fulfill all your note-taking needs. If you need advanced features, you should definitely check out some Android note taking apps that will help you organize your important notes.

There are many applications available on the Play Store to create notes with your Android device. Most of them equipped with very user-friendly features that allow you to make notes, sort them, and always keep on hand, and sync it with other applications. We have even compiled a list of Best Note Taking Apps for Android for your convenience. The apps in the list range from intuitive to interactive, so there is an app for everyone.

Bonus: Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the more traditional learning apps. The service has an untold number of reference guides, how-to books, self-help books, textbooks, and more. You simply buy them, download them, and read them. It is delightfully old school, but some people enjoy that. Books are generally less expensive than their physical counterparts. Your device can also store tons of them without running out of space. Those who do not like Amazon Kindle have other options. Google Play Books and Nook by Barnes & Noble are both excellent options as well.

A few last words

In an era where digital products are quickly replacing traditional learning tools, education is moving towards portable apps. By using a mobile app, you are free from stationary chairs, classrooms, heavy books, or a strict schedule. It is also easier to learn as you can absorb information in short periods during convenient times.

While we have covered a lot here, there are plenty of other apps that can provide a free education. If we missed any of the best learning apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments and do not forget to subscribe for more updates.

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