How To Answer A Call On Samsung Galaxy S4

How To Answer A Call On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to answer a call on your Samsung Galaxy S4. When a call is received the phone rings and displays the caller’s phone number, or name if stored in the Address Book.

At the incoming call screen:

  • Touch and drag call icon in any direction to answer the call.
  • Touch and drag end call icon in any direction to reject the call and send it to your voicemail.
  • Touch and drag the Reject call with message tab upward and tap a predefined text message to send to the caller.

–       I’m driving

–       I’m at the cinema

–       I’m in class

–       I’m in a meeting

–       Sorry, I’m busy. Call back later.

-or -

–       Tap Create new message to compose a new message.

Tap End call icon to end the call.

Note: You can answer a call while using the Address Book or other menu feature. After ending the call, the phone returns to the previously active function screen.

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