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How To Make A Call Using Speed Dial On Samsung Galaxy S4
How To Make A Call Using Speed Dial On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to make a call using the speed dial on your Samsung Galaxy S4. You can assign a short cut number to a phone number in your Contacts List for speed dialing.

  • From the Home screen, tap Contacts icon to display your Contacts List.
  • Press Menu key to display the Contacts List sub-menu.
  • Tap Speed dial setting.
  • The Speed dial setting screen displays showing the numbers 1 through 100. The number 1 is reserved for Voicemail.
  • Tap an unused number and the Select contact screen displays.
  • Tap a contact to assign to the number. The selected contact number will display in the speed dial number box.
  • To remove a speed dial number or change the order, press Menu key to display the Speed dial setting sub-menu.
  • Tap Change order or Remove.
  • To make a call using Speed Dial, tap Phone icon > Keypad and from the Dialer, touch and hold the speed dial number. If the speed dial number is more than 1 digit long, enter the first digits, then hold the last digit.

How To Make A Call From Address Book On Samsung Galaxy S4

You can store phone numbers that you use regularly on the SIM card or in the phone's memory. These entries are collectively called the Address Book.

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