Understand Redstone In Minecraft

Understand Redstone In Minecraft

Redstone is very useful in the game Minecraft as it's kind of like electricity in real life. With redstone, you can power iron doors (so you don't have to remember to close it), make traps, and so many more. But redstone is difficult to understand for newbies. Continue reading the simple steps below to understand

Understand where to find it. Redstone is a mineral that can be found deep underground and can only be mined with an iron, gold, or diamond pickaxe.

After destroying the redstone ore block with your pickaxe, you will be left with about 4 piles of redstone dust. Pick these up in order to store them in your inventory.

Lastly, you get to use the redstone. It is very versatile and is mainly used as a conductor or source of power.


  • Torch - this is made by combining redstone powder/dust and a wooden stick.
  • Wire - this can be created simply by placing redstone dust on the floor. *wire can conduct electricity
  • Repeater - use to make power last longer

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