Make A Redstone Dispenser Loop In Minecraft

Make A Redstone Dispenser Loop In Minecraft

The method to use a dispenser to make pulsing power for redstone mechanisms, this contraption is useful, as it can limit the number of pulses sent. It can also just be for handing out items in a slow and steady manner. Follow the simple steps below

Place a dispenser down, and a pressure plate in front of it.

Connect the dispenser and the pressure plate with redstone.

Invert the signal by using a block of any material with a redstone torch. As power comes in, the torch turns off, inverting the signal. Use the inverter on the redstone wire.

Place a big stack of items in the dispenser. Arrows do not work, as it flies over the pressure plate. Disconnect and reconnect the redstone wire to start it up.

  • You will notice that as items hit the pressure plate, it sends a signal to the dispenser to drop more items onto the pressure plate.

To use as a pulser, put 2 multiplied by how many times you want it to pulse of items into the dispenser, as two items are released on each pulse.


To increase the amount of time between each pulse, insert a redstone repeater into the circuit.

The compact version does not require any redstone dust.

Using two redstone dispenser loops can output two times more items.

There may be a stray item thrown too far from the dispenser, and stop the loops.

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