How To Use Sound Settings – LG G Flex

How To Use Sound Settings - LG G Flex
How To Use Sound Settings - LG G Flex

Learn how to use sound settings on your LG G FLex. Allows you to set the sound profile to Sound, Vibrate only, or Silent.


  • Adjust the phone’s volume settings to suit your needs and your environment.

Vibrate strength

  • Allows you to set the vibrate strength for calls, notifications, and touch feedback.

Quiet mode

  • Tap the switch ON/OFF icon to enable this function. Tap Quiet mode to open a screen to set the days and times to automatically turn off all sounds except for alarms and media and to set allowed calls during the quiet mode.

Phone ringtone

  • Select the ringtone for incoming calls.

Smart ringtone

  • Select to automatically increase the volume of the ringtone when outside noise is loud.

Incoming call vibration

  • Allows you to choose the type of vibration for incoming calls.

Gentle vibration

  • Gradually increases vibration up to the current strength set.

Ringtone with vibration

  • Checkmark for vibration feedback for calls.

Voice notifications

  • Read out incoming call and message event automatically.

Default notification sound

  • Select the ringtone for notifications such as new messages receipt or calendar events.

Touch feedback & system

  • Allows you to set dial pad touch tones, touch sounds, screen lock sound, and vibrate on touch.

Dial pad touch tones

  • Allows you to play tones when using the dial pad.

Touch sounds

  • Allows you to play a sound when making a screen selection.

Screen lock sound

  • Allows you to play a sound when locking and unlocking the screen

Vibrate on touch

  • Allows you to vibrate when tapping the front key and on certain UI interactions.

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