How To Configure TalkBack Settings - Samsung Galaxy Alpha

How To Configure TalkBack Settings - Samsung Galaxy Alpha
How To Configure TalkBack Settings - Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Learn how to configuring TalkBack settings on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Configure settings for TalkBack for your convenience.

On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Accessibility > Vision > TalkBack > Settings. Alternatively, open the global contextual menu by dragging your finger downwards and then to the right on the screen without releasing it. Then, drag your finger to the top right of the screen and release it when you hear TalkBack Settings.

  • Speech volume: Adjust the volume level for voice feedback. Voice feedback volume can vary depending on the media volume. To adjust the media volume, press the Volume button up or down while listening to voice feedback. Alternatively, on the Apps screen, tap Settings > Sound > Volume, and then drag the volume adjustment bar for the media content to the left or right.
  • Use pitch changes: Set the device to read aloud text at a low pitch when it is entered using a keyboard.
  • Keyboard echo: Set the device to read aloud text that you enter using the keyboard when you tap the space key.
  • Speak when screen is off: Set the device to provide voice feedback when the screen is turned off.
  • Use proximity sensor: Set the device to pause voice feedback when you place your hand over the sensor at the top of the device. To resume voice feedback, tap the screen.
  • Shake to start continuous reading: Set the device to read aloud the text displayed on the screen when you shake the device. You can select from various shaking speeds.
  • Speak caller ID: Set the device to read the callers name aloud when you have an incoming call.
  • Vibration feedback: Set the device to vibrate when you explore the screen.
  • Sound feedback: Set the device to emit a sound when you control the screen, such as scrolling the screen, and more.
  • Focus speech audio: Set the device to turn the media volume down when the device reads an item aloud.
  • Sound volume: Adjust the volume that sound is played when you touch the screen to control it. This feature is available when Sound feedback is selected.
  • Explore by touch: Set the device to read aloud the items under your finger. When you hear the item you want, release your finger from it and tap anywhere on the screen twice quickly to open it. You can move to the page you want by scrolling the screen left or right with two fingers. To learn about controlling the screen using the explore by touch feature, refer toControlling the screen with finger gestures for more information.
  • Automatically scroll lists: Set the device to automatically scroll through the rest of the list not displayed on the screen and read the items aloud.
  • Single-tap selection: Set the device to open the selected item by tapping it once.
  • Launch Explore by touch tutorial: View the tutorial about using the Explore by touch feature.
  • Manage gestures: Assign actions to perform using finger gestures. Refer toConfiguring finger gesture settings for more information.
  • Manage customized labels: View the labels you added.
  • Resume from suspend: Select a method to resume voice feedback.
  • Developer settings: Set options for app development.

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