Coolest Gadgets Released In 2017

Coolest gadgets Of 2017
Coolest gadgets Of 2017

Here, we love exchanging our gadgets and boasting about why ours are better than everybody else’s. The truth is, few of us can afford truly cool high-end gadgets, so in most cases, it is just silly bragging without any substance. Yet, you cannot prevent us from admiring the truly cool ones! In fact, we have created a list of what we consider truly cool gadgets – just in case you are just as geeky as us.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Love iPhones all you want, but Samsung has just released something truly awesome. Just look at the way the screen wraps around the gadget, not distracting you with any rough edges. Thousands of fans appreciated it a lot, lining to stores to get one. And admittedly, with the price lower than that of iPhones, it does seem rather attractive.

Sony noise-canceling headphones

Have you ever worked in noisy cubicle offices or had a plane ride with a very noisy child? These are only two situations in which you might be pleased you have these headphones from Sony. They are unrivaled in canceling all the noise that might be distracting you or getting on your nerves. And listening to music in those? There should be something unbelievable.

DJI Spark

Drones are cool, hardly anyone can argue with that. But they are also quite vulnerable to winds and other natural influences. Not DJI Spark, though! This drone is immune to winds and can shoot a high-quality video for all kinds of purposes.

Nintendo Switch

Hardly a revolution, but a very interesting gadget indeed. It combines some features of popular consoles and allows an entirely different gaming experience. More specifically, it is a modular gaming console with more and more games being released for it specifically, which proves its growing popularity.

Sony Xperia Touch

Imagine turning any surface into a touchscreen. Cool, is not it? That is what Sony Xperia Touch is created for. In short, it is a projector that can turn your table, your wall, well, anything into a touchscreen. The applications are numerous. Think about projecting your movie on the wall or your recipe right on the table while cooking. This is the beginning of an entirely new era for those who love giant screens and touchy buttons.

A candy-sized external battery

Power banks are incredibly useful, especially when you do not forget to charge them. But they are quite heavy, too, especially when you need to carry one around all the time. With that problem in mind, a candy-sized external battery for smartphones has been created. Just slip it into your bag and you will not even notice it there. And it also looks incredibly sleek.

A few last words

There are so many more out there – elegant smartphones, high-resolution cameras, tiny memory cards and so on. The world of technology is mesmerizing, and the deeper you dig, the more miracles you find. So even if you are not that much into gadgets and tech, you might feel drawn into. Just try once – and you will see.

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