Which Industries Use Continuous Controls Monitoring?

Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) / Image by CoolVid-Shows from Pixabay
Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) / Image by CoolVid-Shows from Pixabay

In today’s digital age, organizations need to be doing all that they can to reduce risk and increase cybersecurity. It can be a dangerous time for a business with cybercrime on the rise, which can cause significant damage to any organization and in more ways than one. In recent times, one way that businesses have been lowering risk and increasing cybersecurity are through Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM). Essentially, this is the use of technology that allows for continuous monitoring and the automated testing of the cybersecurity controls that are in place. This allows organizations to manage risk, ensure compliance, and react swiftly to any issues that arise. So, what industries are currently using Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)?

Financial Services

The industry which uses CCM the most is financial services. This is no surprise as an industry that is highly regulated. CCM can be used to improve cybersecurity and ensure that organizations are compliant at all times. CCM can provide peace of mind for organizations in financial services by ensuring that security data is monitored at all times and any irregularities can be highlighted and action can be taken immediately.


An industry that uses CCM more than others in manufacturing. Again, this is because manufacturing is a highly regulated industry and organizations need to ensure compliance at all times.

IT & Tech Services

Unsurprisingly, you will also see CCM frequently used in IT and tech services. The main way that CCM is used in these fields is by boosting cybersecurity and allowing for continuous network monitoring. In a time when cybercrime is a major and growing issue, you will find that CCM is key in providing proactive cybersecurity protection for IT and tech services so that they can prevent attacks from taking place.

Other Industries

You will also find that CCM is starting to be used in various industries, specifically those that are highly regulated. All organizations can benefit from Continuous Controls monitoring as it allows businesses to reduce risk, increase cybersecurity, improve compliance, and provide peace of mind knowing that key risks are constantly monitored and that any issues will be flagged up immediately. Businesses will want to use a CCM platform from an experienced enterprise security specialist, such as Panaseer. This will give you complete confidence in your cybersecurity controls and allow you to reduce risk no matter what industry you are in.

CCM is common in highly regulated industries and those that are prone to cyber-attacks, but you will also find that businesses across the board are starting to use CCM platforms as they can be so beneficial and provide peace of mind in what can be an uncertain time with cybercrime on the rise.

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