Transfer Songs From Windows Media Player To iTunes

Transfer Songs From Windows Media Player To iTunes
Transfer Songs From Windows Media Player To iTunes

iTunes have its songs in a specific place, if you are able to play songs with Windows Media Player but not iTunes, you can transfer songs from it. Follow the simple steps below

Locate the songs you want to transfer on your Hard Drive. Windows media player and iTunes are both media players. They look in a specific place for certain types of files and display them in an organized place for you. If you do not know where the songs are located on your hard drive, you can find them by simply opening windows media player, browsing to the song you want, right clicking, and selecting "Open file location."

In windows explorer, copy the file path

Insert the files into iTunes. Open iTunes and find the File Menu. Select either "Add file to library" or "Add folder to library" depending on if you are adding one song or a whole artist.

Select the files. Paste the file path into the top of the window iTunes opens, then select what you want to add to library. Select "Open" and it will close the window.

Certain songs come in a format iTunes does not support. It will convert them for you, so you are done now!


  • A lot of the time iTunes does not bring over the information correctly. If you care about that sort of thing, you will have to manually update it once it copies over to iTunes.
  • If you are adding a large variety of songs, you can make a folder to store them all. iTunes will automatically sort it based on the information encoded in the file, not where it found it. You can also add your entire music library by selecting the highest folder within your music library (in windows 7, this is "LibrariesMusic")
  • Make sure you own the songs by some legal means before copying them over. Violating copyrights is illegal and you don't want to get in trouble.

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