Take On A Superior Group In Counter Strike

Take On A Superior Group In Counter Strike

You are starting a level in Counter Strike; the rest of your team wander off into random areas of the map leaving you walking down a hallway alone, all of sudden you can see a grenade covering the advance of 3-4 enemies. You can take on a superior group in Counter Strike for that, follow the simple steps below

Assess how strong they are. If you are alone and the group consists of 4-5 (rifled or stronger) individuals, you may want to leave them alone and run away. and check for more inexperienced signs, for example, if you are in a courtyard , and they run out blindly, they are most likely new and are sniper bait.

Check if they have seen you. If they haven't seen you, they aren't looking for you. However, be wary that even if they are not searching for you, they still will be on their toes, so don't be surprised to walk into a barrage of fire when you walk out to take that shot. Common signs of them seeing you are more packed formations, and them looking everywhere quickly.

Try to surround them. And always get to know a map before playing as some maps have passages that look like they may surround them, but instead empty out right into their crosshairs.

Once surrounding them, remember that if you surrounded them without them knowing, you should be able to kill one or two before they open fire at you.

Retreat... I dont know how many times I can say this, I know it's tempting to go back and get your kill count up, but as you realize, now they are ready for you, and waiting or sending search parties.

Go back to your group and stay with them. There is safety in numbers.


Sometimes pros use new people to see a snipers position, choose an automatic rifle as this can both surround and snipe. However, to tell if they are doing this simply scope out the area the person came from and if you see something, its a trap.

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