Survive In Counter Strike 1.6 On Zombie Infection Mode

Survive In Counter Strike 1.6 On Zombie Infection Mode

You can survive on Zombie Infection Mode on Counter Strike 1.6, follow the simple steps below

Run as soon as the game starts. A random person is always infected when a round starts, and he/she could already be right in front of you.

Stick with at least one member of your team always. Remember, this is about survival, not competition!

Arm yourself good weapon like the "Para" machine gun or a semi-automatic sniper rifle. Remember: zombies don't die easily, and they can regenerate.

Get to an unreachable higher ground. You'll need some cooperation with your teammates by forming a human ladder. This factor should buy you more time to stay alive, however zombies can still get to you if they pile up high enough.

If the server is running with a no reload plug in. Buy the non-automatic shotgun to your advantage. One shell impact can help repel the zombie away from you along with an inflicting amount of damage.


  • You can try this zombie server
  • Most maps are completely dark so it is imperative that you always have your flashlight on to navigate, or you'll never know whats going to happen!
  • Once you are infected by a zombie, take time to explore the map instead of killing survivors, because zombies get night vision, which can allow you to explore much better, since flashlights don't illuminate very well.
  • Reloading can be a liability, especially if the area is swarming with zombies. Always have it full and don't shoot at random spots.
  • Flash bangs can temporarily blind the zombies
  • If the version you're playing features a "freeze" grenade, conserve it! This can temporarily slow down the zombies from moving, or if it explodes directly at them, it can completely stop them from moving.
  • Never stop running unless you're in a guaranteed safe spot
  • Sometimes you can sacrifice a team member, to lure the zombies to a certain spot, its cruel but do it for the team.
  • If you are in a familiar map, use your knowledge of the map to your advantage
  • Flashlights can give away your position if a zombie sees its illumination.
  • The original zombie can jump further but not higher
  • Try not to make too many human sacrifices, this can cause social disputes.

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