Survive Your First Night In Minecraft Beta

Survive Your First Night In Minecraft Beta

You can survive on your first night in Minecraft beta, follow the simple steps below

Punch trees! Literally hold left click on trees to get logs

Make wood. Go into your inventory and place your wood logs in the "crafting" area to get wooden planks.

Make a crafting bench. A crafting bench is used so that you can make bigger tools and other supplies than you could make before, go to the "crafting" area and place 4 wood planks.

Make basic tools. Right click on your crafting bench to make

  • Stick: (used to make other tools) 2 wooden planks on top of each other.
  • Pickaxe: (used to mine rock and ores) 3 wooden planks on the top row and 2 sticks in the middle of the next 2 rows.
  • Axe: (used to chop wood) 1 wooden plank in the top left corner with one wooden plank below it and one to the side with 2 sticks in the middle of the bottom 2 rows.
  • Shovel: (used to dig through dirt, sand, and gravel) one wooden plank in the middle of the top row and 2 sticks in the middle of the bottom 2 rows.
  • Sword: one stick in the middle of the bottom row and 2 sticks in the middle of the next 2 rows up.

Look for a mountain or a hill to carve your base into.

Dig into this hill or mountain with a shovel to destroy dirt and your pickaxe for rock.

Look for coal. On surfaces of mountains in rock you can often see coal a rock with blackish spots on it, mine this. If you cannot find coal go to Step 15

Add furniture to your house. Put your crafting table here

Chest: (hold your stuff) 8 wooden planks in a square 3x3 without the middle square.

Door: (too keep monsters out) 6 wooden planks in a rectangle.

Furnace: (to cook stuff with coal, charcoal, or buckets of LAVA) 8 cobble stone in a square, 3x3, without the middle.

If you can't find any coal go into your furnace and put wood planks on the bottom and logs on the top to make charcoal.

Make torches for light. Put your coal (or charcoal) on top of a stick to make 4 torches.

Wait out the night in comfort!


  • Don't EVER make your house out of sand or gravel.
  • Mark your house with something so you can see it.
  • Make your first house near the spawn point in a single-player game and store it with useful items. This is handy if you die and cannot reclaim your dropped items.
  • Stay inside at night so you don't get attacked by any monsters.
  • Don't spend too much time looking for coal it will get dark!
  • Watch out if you are under a cliff as Creepers may fall down unexpected on top of you.

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