Survive In Minecraft

Survive In Minecraft

You can survive in Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

Start by punching trees down as you spawn in a new world. Collect 5 logs and covert all of them into planks.

Create a crafting table.

Craft a wooden pick out of planks and sticks. You will need it to mine coal.

Get lots of cobblestone.

Try to find a tall mountain or a cave. You will most likely find some coal. Make your way up to or into it, and get lots of coal.

Find a clearing and build a small house (you don't want it to be too big.) Light up the inside with torches and add a door. (Another thing is you should add the door from the OUTSIDE of your home. It will keep monsters out of your doorway if they do happen to spot you.

Wait out the night.

Carefully exit your home and check for creepers.

Build a tower and a wall and find more coal and other minerals. Optionally, you can start a farm.

Make stone tools.


  • Constantly be on the watch for creepers.
  • Always keep at lots of torches with you.
  • On your tower, you should be able to see over the wall.
  • Make a fishing rod. Fish are a good source of food and they are easy to catch.
  • Farms provide an easy source of food, but you will not get the food on demand.
  • For additional safety to your outpost/base, dig a moat and fill it with water. Then, build a bridge.
  • Endermen may still be lurking in small pockets of darkness. Try not to look at them.
  • Don't waste iron or diamond on tools like hoes and shovels. It's not necessary.
  • Try to use the right tools for the right job.
  • Be careful handling lava.

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