Survive Counter Strike: Source Zombie Horde

Survive Counter Strike: Source Zombie Horde

Playing the Counter Strike Source Zombie Horde is no easy task, on some servers. 16 bots running after you, youre just the last survivor. You will be running low on ammo and there is one minute left in plot the bomb, you can manage it, follow the simple steps below

Always grab a good pistol for close range, like a deagle or dual elites. If you encounter a group of zombies on your own, this is your best bet to dispatch them.

Aim for the head. If you don’t see one until the last minute, don’t waste bullets, just try and get away. Once you are a little further away, start shooting. Remember, only head shots can kill them.

Grab a good primary weapon, like an SMG, or maybe you want a shotgun, or for experts, a sniper rifle.

Watch your ammo!!! Shooting randomly will deplete your ammo, and when you most need it, you won’t have it

Stick together because groups can kill more zombies than one.


  • If you only start out with enough money for pistols, the best pistols to buy are the 228 Compact, the .50c Night Hawk, and 40.c Dual Elites.
  • If you have just enough money for a shotgun or an SMG, buy either the Pump Shotgun, or the MP5.
  • And remember, try to barricade with barrels, file cabinets, soda machines, couches, anything you have at your fingertips, depending what map youre on.
  • Watch out for anti-camp mods on servers! These are designed to get people running around and not staying where zombies can’t get them. These will automatically make you drop your weapon, and you don’t want to lose that nice AK47 do you? If you do decide to camp, make sure you keep a way out in case zombies breach your perimeter, and, if possible, keep a flash or smoke in your inventory to give you time to escape (Some servers may block flashes and smoke for this reason).

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