Start Your First Days In Minecraft

Start Your First Days In Minecraft

The first step is to gather wood from a tree. You will then press E to go into your inventory. Then you should see next to your character 4 little squares and at the top it will say crafting. Simply place your wood on one of those squares by right clicking then you will see wooden planks. Left click them into your inventory. You now have wooden planks to build your house but first make a crafting table. To do this you need 4 wooden planks Place them in all the squares. Once you have done that you can make sticks for tools. And lastly you will need to build your house out of any material you desire. Follow the simple steps below

Gather wood from a tree.

Make Wood Planks.

Make a work bench with the wood planks.

Gather more wood (if needed) for tools and your house.

Before night try and look for a sheep and kill it till you get 3 wool.

Make a bed with 3 wool and 3 wood planks (Craft on the workbench).

Lastly make a nice house.

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