Start Playing MInecraft

Start Playing MInecraft

You can start playing Minecraft, here is what is going on and how to play and start your virtual Minecraft. Follow the simple steps below

Get some wood. There should be some trees around unless you spawn in a desert. If that happens, there are two things you can go. Either read Survive in a Desert in Minecraft Beta or Wander around until you find wood.

Punch the wood down by moving the crosshairs over the block and hold down the mouse button until the wood is gone. Repeat and destroy most of the trees around doing this.

Press either "I" or "E" to open your inventory. Move the wood blocks to the small crafting square in the top-right section. Click rapidly on the blocks next to the 4 squares. There should be 4 wooden planks there. Click rapidly until the wooden plank stack reaches 64. Then, place the wooden planks in the bottom 9 squares of the inventory. This is the "hotbar. Repeat until the wood blocks are gone. You should have more than 1 stack of 64 wooden planks.

Place wooden plank blocks in a 7 by 7 grid in a mildly flat area by right clicking. Leave a 1x2 space in the middle of one of the walls to make a door.

Go to your inventory. In the crafting square, fill the grid with 4 wooden planks to make a Workbench. Place this in your hotbar.

Place the Workbench in your house.

Right Click on the workbench to see a 3x3 crafting grid. You should have 13 wooden planks left. Place 2 wooden plank blocks on top of each other to make sticks. Go to the first link in the Sources and Citations Area to look up how to make tools. Only make the wooden pickaxe.

Find a cave and mine some Coal and Stone. Go back to your small house to make more sticks to make stone tools.

You have started your minecraft journey!

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