Samsung is rolling out Android 9 Pie update to Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is currently rolling out Android 9 Pie update with One UI to Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus devices. The update is now available for all users on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint networks in the United States.

The update comes to devices through the standard means – over-the-air update. After the update, the software version will change to G965FXXU2CRLI for the Galaxy S9 Plus. For the Galaxy S9, the software will be G960FXXU2CRLI. The update is also available on Samsung’s download servers.

Before the update, please connect to a wireless network as the update package is a hefty 1744.24MB. It includes One UI, a rebranding and major revamp of Samsung’s Android skin, Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, App Actions, Slices, a new Camera Interface, an Intuitive Navigation, One Talk, as well as numerous other new features.

One Talk is a service in the native dialer that “helps you personally connect with customers and engage your team”.

The update also introduces a new camera interface that has the ability to expand upon one-handed operation. It also a “screen optimizer” auto mode, which will automatically adjust Color settings to best suit the situation. Quick settings, AR Emoji, and Bixby Vision have been moved to the top of the screen, as well.

Adaptive Brightness and Adaptive Battery automatically detect the environmental lighting conditions and battery level and adjust accordingly, automatically. This should extend the life of your battery substantially, and adaptive brightness should serve to save your eyes a bit of pain late at night.

App actions are similar to the “adaptive” actions above. App actions watch what you are doing, look for patterns, and act upon those patterns in the future. The example for this Samsung gives is the automatic action of your favorite playlist of songs popping up when you plug your headphones into the phone.

One UI is the closest you are going to get to that Galaxy S10 before the Galaxy S10 is released to the public. Now that this software is out, it is safe to expect some fun bits and pieces from the Galaxy S10’s future build popping up here and there – keep a sharp eye and see if you can spot one or two!

You can find all the new futures in the changelog screenshot below:

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus - Android 9 Pie Update - What's New

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus – Android 9 Pie Update – What’s New

If you own a Galaxy S9 or S9+, you can check for the update in the Settings -> About Device -> Software Updates. If it is there the can download it by tapping the Download updates manually option.

Before downloading and installing the update, make sure to your battery is at least have 50% charged (we recommend fully charged). In addition, please connect to a Wi-Fi network before downloading and installing the new files as updates are usually large and consume a lot of cellular data.

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Please note that once you install the latest update, you cannot roll back to a previous software through official means. You have to rely on custom RAM flashing to get back to your old version. That being said, having your device updated is highly recommended as it fixes bugs and security issues present in your device.



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