Proven Ways to Ensure Call Center Agent Productivity

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a lucrative venture that creates jobs and revenue to the tune of billions annually. However, managing a call center can be tricky because you have to ensure that you have enough capable agents who can attend to various client concerns and address issues efficiently. Finding the right team of people to work under such pressure-packed situations can be challenging. Hiring, training, and retaining such personnel can immediately impact the company’s productivity and profitability.

The manager must have enough sense to ensure that their agents will be as productive as possible during their shifts. Agents have to meet their targets and perform as professionally as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. A good business depends on its call centers to provide the backbone to communicate with its clientele.

Here are some proven ways to ensure call center agent productivity.

Provide adequate technology

One of the best things that give call centers an edge is their technology. Call centers must use a predictive dialer to ensure their agents would not have to go through the motions of dialing numbers. The system uses an algorithm to contact customers and, once the call is connected, passes the clients to agents who follow their spiels and SOPs to provide the necessary assistance.

Make the workplace enjoyable

Call center agents are among the employees who can easily burn out because of the stress related to the occupation. As a manager, you must ensure that your agents have a fun and enjoyable work environment. You must strive to ensure the workplace is comfortable and as pleasing as possible. Moreover, you must employ the regulated breaks and have a firm grasp of the operations to ensure that your personnel will always be effective. A competent manager understands that their personnel are not machines, but people who also need a break from time to time.

Keep employees motivated

Employee motivation is one of the things that a manager must be able to manage efficiently. A happy and satisfied employee leads to better productivity. Therefore, it is necessary for managers to help their agents hit their targets and be happy doing it. You can motivate your agents by acting as mentors and giving them clear goals. You also have to publicly acknowledge their success to make them proud.

Keep on training agents

Another way to improve call center agents’ productivity is to train them continuously. While micromanaging can be harmful and stressful for an agent, a good manager understands when to oversee their personnel individually. You must take note of each agent’s strengths and weaknesses and craft a training session to expand their skills.

Measure the right KPIs

Managers understand that they must keep track of the right KPIs to improve performance. Track agent speed, efficiency, customer satisfaction rating, and other similar indicators, so you can guide agents as needed. It is necessary to be straightforward about meeting goals to ensure your center’s profitability and efficiency.

End notes

Managers must ensure that their agents are as productive as possible during their shifts. It is important for managers to follow what their agents do to address errors as necessary to improve performance and efficiency.

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