Play Fruit Ninja At Every Mode

Play Fruit Ninja At Every Mode

This game is so popular in the whole world. You can select the modes, follow the simple steps below

If you don't have Fruit Ninja on your Galaxy Tab or iPad, go and install it (skip this if you already have Fruit Ninja).

Tap Fruit Ninja icon.

Slice the "Play" fruit.

Slice the mode fruit that you want to play.

For every mode, slice every fruit that comes to the screen.

  • For Classic Mode: don't miss any fruit for 3 times, and don't slice the bombs, or you'll lose (game over).
  • For Zen Mode: You don't have any bombs or fruit-missing penalties, but you play with time.
  • For Arcade Mode: You play with time, bombs, and special fruits. But here, if you slice the bomb, your score will lose 10 points. Slice the special bananas (freeze, frenzy, and double points) to help you earn more score.


You can unlock blades and wallpapers by completing the requirements for each blade and wallpaper.

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