Play Fruit Ninja At Arcade Mode

Play Fruit Ninja At Arcade Mode

Ever wanted to be one of the Fruit Ninja gods? Have you been stuck in the 200`s too many times? Before you delete Fruit Ninja from your iPhone, try these things out, follow the simple steps below

Never slice fruit individually. Slice fruit together to get combos. When you get a combo (slicing more than 2 fruits at the same time) you get extra points. Example: You slice 4 fruit at the same time, You get 4 extra points! If you slice 6 at the same time, you get 6 extra points.

Try to get Blazes. Blazes are results of 3 or more combos following each other (with a maximum of 1 single fruit between each one) Different Blazes: Combo Blaze: Get 5 extra points plus combos. Receive after 3 combos in a row. Great Blaze: 10 extra points plus combos. Receive after 6 combos in a row. Awesome blaze: 15 extra points plus combos. Receive after 9 combos in a row.

Get Blitzes. Blitz are pretty much blazes, but with more points. They follow blazes if you keep getting nonstop blazes. Different Blitz: Super Blitz: 20 points plus combos. Receive after 12 combos in a row. Hyper Blitz: Get 25 extra points plus combos. Receive after 15 combos in a row. Unbelievable Blitz: 30 extra points plus combos. Receive after 18 combos in a row. If you get more combos after the Unbelievable Blitz, you will keep receiving it every 3 nonstop combos until you stop hitting nonstop combos.

Get Special Bananas: There are 3 different bananas; frenzy, freeze, and double points. Frenzies will bring you nonstop fruit without bombs for a short period of time, freeze will freeze your time and make your fruit go slow motion (great for hitting combos!) for a short period of time, and double points will double your points (including extras from combos, blazes and blitz.)

Avoid bombs. Bombs in Arcade Mode are different than Classic. Instead of ending your game, they take away 10 points, and stop any blazes or blitz you were in. Hitting 3 bombs will make you receive the "Bomb Lover" award in the bonuses in the end of the game (worth 50 points!)

Work to get Bonuses. At the end of the game, they give you 3 bonuses. You can get many different ones, and even if you meet the criteria for more than 3, they will only give you 3. If you get less than 3, they will give you an award like "Juicy Slicing" or "Fruit Salad". Avoid these, as they only bring you 5 points each. Try to get ones like "Impossible 9 Fruit Combo" or "Combo God!" They bring you 50 points each. Look up more bonuses and aim for them!

Remember, its not how much fruit you get, its how much you make out of the fruit. Happy slicing!


  • Look online for tips and tricks for fruit ninja.
  • You can get more than one special banana at once! You can get them all at once, which is super fun.
  • You can freeze the timer at 0:00!
  • Remember, this is just a game!
  • If you feel sick or tired, put the game down and rest for at least half an hour before playing the game again.

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