Play Draw Something

Play Draw Something

If you are a fan of Pictionary or Charades, this mobile/smartphone app may be the fittest for you. "Draw Something" creates a social networking ground for the classic group games. Downloaded by millions and generated billions of pictures, this game will hold an interest in anyone. You can play the Draw Something app on iPhone and iPad. Follow the simple steps below

Create a game. Tap the "Create game" button and it will give you the chance to connect with people from different sources, whether they are your Facebook friends, by email, or by username. Use the "Random" option to connect with a random Draw Something player.

Choose the difficulty of your drawing. Each drawing "level" will come with coins; the more coins the word is worth, the harder it may be to draw and successfully guess correctly by the other person.

Move to the drawing board. This is where the pictures are created. By default, you are only allowed the colors black, yellow, red, and blue. Once you achieve a certain amount of coins, you can use them to purchase other colors. Choose the "pencil" icon to draw, "eraser" icon to erase lines, and the trash barrel to start out with a new blank screen. Tap on the "Done" when you're finished with your drawing.

Watch for the status. A green "Play" button on the main page will inform you that it's your turn. When it says "Waiting", it means that the other player will need to complete their drawing/turn.

Guess the other person's chosen word. The drawing will be animated from start to finish, as if they were drawing on a piece of paper. You may plug in the letters at any time. If you give up on the attempt, tap on the "Pass" option in the right hand corner and you not receive the coins. Passing on one image not only ends your part of the round, but also wipes out both people's record streak back to zero.


  • Use the bombs wisely in the game. Bombs are used for getting new words for your draw list, as well as eliminating letters in the jumble when you are guessing the other person's word. Once you run out or when you need to replenish, you will need to purchase additional bombs.
  • Each different color pastel category costs 249 coins.
  • You can play the game for free. However, for 2,000 more words and 400 bonus coins, the full game costs 99 cents (0.62).
  • The goal is to create a "record breaking" win streak between you and your partner.
  • If you decide to stop playing the game, there is a way to "delete" an on-going game. Swipe your finger across the other person's name or avatar and a "Delete" button will appear. When a name is deleted, the other person will receive a message on their main page that you have ended the game.
  • Drawing arrows to the specific item in your picture helps a lot, especially if you're worried that the other player won't "get" what you're drawing.
  • Avoid using words as substitutions for drawings nor try to weasel through game rounds just to get coins faster. This isn't the point of the game and if you're playing / teaming with a random person, it will waste their time.
  • Take advantage of the game's drawing animation system. You don't have to draw the entire picture on one canvas. For example, if you get a compound word, such as "fireball, you don't have to draw an actual ball on fire. Instead, draw a fire, and then trash the drawing. Draw a plus sign and trash it again. Finally, draw a ball. Hopefully they were paying attention and they'll get the word.
  • If you don't like your list of words or if you can't draw any of them, there's a trick to get a whole new list. Close the app and double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking dock. Tap and hold the app icon until they all start to wiggle (dubbed "wiggle mode"). Remove the app from the row by tapping the little icon in the corner; this force quits the app. Restart the app and you'll get a brand new list of words. This is useful if you have little or no bombs.
  • If you're really stuck, you can find a word unscrambler online.

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