Play Arcade Fruit Ninja

Play Arcade Fruit Ninja

You can play Arcade Fruit Ninja efficiently and show the overall game works for a better score. Follow the simple steps below

Get “blitzes” which result from getting combos in a row. Therefore it is important to try and get combos of at least 3 fruit each. Every three combos will give you a bonus. It is essential to try and keep the combos going for the whole game once you reach the maximum level of blitz you will receive 30 points for every 3 combos in a row. Remember that you have to keep getting combos in a certain amount of time. Otherwise, you will lose the blitz and have to start over.

Make sure not to miss any of the special bananas as those are essential to doing well, or hitting any bombs as those will eliminate any blitzes that you currently have. Take advantage of freeze bananas by waiting for larger amounts of fruit to appear on the screen and slice larger combos, as opposed to hitting the first 3-fruit combo you see. By focusing on combos when you have a doubling banana, you gain maximum points. Finally, when you have fruit frenzy, try not to slice wildly- wait a moment and slash horizontally or vertically across the screen to get large combos, usually up to 7- or 8- fruit. Look out for multiple bananas at a time as those will provide many points. During freeze frenzy try and slice as many as you can in once slice as at the end of the game a bonus will be allotted for that.

Finally, for the pomegranate which comes last, simply slice as fast as you can.

In the end it just comes down to practice, a little bit of luck, and utilizing the blitzes.

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