Activate Voice Command On Kinect

Activate Voice Command On Kinect

The Microsoft Xbox is a popular gaming console, now it has new hands free aspect. It is done through the use of Kinect device, captures gamers movements, and allows them to interact with Xbox without the use of standard controller. It can browse websites, watch videos, and play an array of video games. You can activate voice command option on Kinect, follow the simple steps below

Connect your X-Box. Make sure the X-Box is plugged into a power outlet. Then connect the X-Box to your television set by way of a VGA Audio Visual cord, Component Audio Visual cord or HDMI cord.

Connect the Kinect to your X-Box. The Kinect does not need another power supply, but uses power directly from the X-Box via the special Kinect cord. Make sure you have plenty of space to move around when operating the Kinect.

Turn on your X-Box and your television. Your X-Box will need to install updates. Make sure they are all installed before attempting to use the Kinect.

Activate your Kinect. This is done by waving your hand at the Kinect sensor. Make sure you are three to eight feet back from the controller to get a good reading. Hands-free control is now operational.

Say "X-BOX" in a loud, clear voice. A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with a list of voice commands to use.

Say "Open Tray" in a loud, clear voice. The disc tray will open. "Close Tray" will close the tray. A voice command option will appear below each individual selection on your home screen. Repeat the command to choose the selection.

Try a few more voice commands to get a feel for them. The X-Box will respond as long as the bar is visible at the bottom of the screen. If the bar is not visible, simply say "X-BOX" and it will reappear.

Use Voice Command to play movies and listen to music. This can be done using Zune, Last FM, ESPN, and Netflix. Select a video or audio clip using your hand. To choose the next clip, say "X-Box Next. To return to the previous clip, say "X-Box Previous. You can pause any clip by saying "X-Box Pause" and restart it using "X-Box Play.


  • You cannot turn the X-Box Kinect on or off using voice commands.
  • You cannot use voice commands while using the Video or Music Library.
  • You cannot use voice commands while using the Windows Media Player.
  • You cannot use voice commands while playing music or movies from a disc.

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