Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works Natively With PC

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

According to some folks who got the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller early, the peripheral works natively with the PC. Redditor CalKnight was the first to report this discovery and he also posted a video of himself trying it out by using the Dolphin GameCube emulator.

Other gamers have also confirmed that the Pro controller will work natively with the PC as a gaming controller. In addition, the controller works natively too. You do not have to fiddle around with software or tools to get it to work properly.


The Switch Pro controller connects via Bluetooth, so your PC should have a Bluetooth receiver to detect the device. CalKnight also claims that the controller works with Steam’s Big Picture mode. We are not sure if this was an intentional design by Nintendo. However, the knowing that you can use the controller with PC, may allow some of the hesitant buyers to spend $70 on the controller, and can save money on purchasing extra peripherals.

For those unfamiliar, the Nintendo Switch’s Pro controller is your standard gamepad design. Gamers may find the controller to have a familiar layout and the fact that it is bigger, which also means that it is easier to hold.

CalKnight says that there is a “weird way” to pair the device to the computer. He intends to release a follow-up video that will answer some frequently asked questions and go into detail on how to pair the controller.


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