Minecraft Mobs: Cow

Minecraft Mobs: Cow

Cow is a passive mob in Minecraft. The passive mobs never attack a player. These mobs except squids require land to spawn on.

Cows are passive mobs found in Minecraft. They, along with Mushrooms are the only source of leather, raw beef, and milk. They are 1.6875 blocks tall, 0.625 blocks ide, and 1.5 blocks long. They have brown skin with white spots and have a pair of horns on their head. Cows roam in the Overworld, usually in herds of 4 to 10. They tend to walk around slow and aimlessly, mooing, but they will flee and jump if attacked. They can also jump of high cliffs. Cows make no attempt to stay out of water, it will follow the player while holding the wheat, which is used for breeding. It can be milked by right clicking the cow with an empty bucket.

How to breed a cow

You can breed the cows with the wheat, will create a calf. The parent cows have a delay of 5 minutes until they can breed again. Parent cows will follow the calf until it is fully grown. Calves will move faster and take 20 minutes to fully grow. They do not drop anything when killed. They can be milked. It is possible to herd cows along with any other animal if you simply walk by a cow while holding wheat. The cow will follow you wherever you go. You can do this to lead animals into fenced areas for easy breeding.

Cow Farming

Trapping a herd of cows in an enclosed area and breeding them is very beneficial. Cows drops more types of useful materials than all other passive mobs, provides the player with unlimited supply of steak, milk and leather.


  • Sometimes, when there are many calves and parent cows in close proximity, parent cows may “forget” which calf is their child and begin to follow the wrong calf.
  • Sometimes in SMP, if cows don’t have enough space, they will push each other into walls and teleport to other places until they are approached.
  • Cows in the PC Gamer Demo of Minecraft are branded with a ‘PCG’ logo on their side.
  • Because of the lack of hierarchy in every box model, the horns of the cow are sometimes misplaced. Jeb is planning to fix this.
  • All cows in Minecraft both give milk and are capable of breeding with each other; there are no distinct genders.
  • Cows are able to climb up elevation but are unable to climb down inclines lower than two blocks.

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