Minecraft Mobs: Mooshroom

Minecraft Mobs: Mooshroom

Mooshrooms are passive mobs in Minecraft. The passive mobs never attack a player. These mobs except squids require land to spawn on.

Mooshrooms are passive mobs in Minecraft. They are unique forms of cows that spawn in the Mushroom biome. They got 10 health points. They use same models as cows, but have red skin, black eyes, and are covered with red mushroom growth. It can be sheared for 2-5 mushrooms, which turns them into cows. Sheared Mushrooms cant be reverted back to Mooshrooms. If killed, they drop leather and raw beef (steak if killed with fire). It can be milked with a bucked as well, but also can be milked with an empty bowl to obtain a bowl of mushroom stew makes them very useful. Mooshrooms roam Overworld Mushroom biome in herds of 4 to 8. It makes no attempt to stay out of water, and will bob up and down to stay afloat. They are extremely aware of cliffs, and will not jump off unless pushed or attacked.

How to breed Mooshrooms in Minecraft

Breeding a pair of Mooshrooms will produce another Mooshroom. If you shear the baby Mooshrooms parents, the parents stop following the baby. Baby Mooshrooms will walk faster and are followed by their parents. They will not drop anything when killed, but still can be milked and sheared. Shearing will turn the baby Mooshrooms into Calves.


  • In SMP when a Mooshroom is sheared, a server-side cow spawns, as well as a client-side cow that spawns for the player who sheared the Mooshroom. (This bug was partially fixed in update 1.2.3, however it would still occur rarely.)This phantom “ghost cow” cannot be hit, does not obey block physics, and can be clipped through.
  • When a Mooshroom is sheared after it has already bred once, it can be bred again immediately.
  • The Mooshroom’s name is a portmanteau of “moo,” the sound cows make, and “mushroom.”
  • When a Mooshroom transforms into a normal cow by shearing, it emits smoke particles.
  • When sheared, Mooshrooms drop red mushrooms and not brown mushrooms. However, one can “milk” a Mooshroom with a bowl to obtain mushroom stew, which normally needs both red mushrooms and brown mushrooms to create.
  • Mooshrooms are similar to infected insects with Cordycpes fungi. Just like Cordyceps fungi growing on infected insects and terrestrial arthropods, mushrooms also grow on the Mooshroom.
  • It is very similar to a famous cow on a popular milk brand sold in Sweden (and other countries) known as the “Arla cow”.
  • Because a Mooshroom can be “milked” repeatedly for mushroom stew, they can be used for an infinite food source.
  • Despite having only 3 mushrooms on their backs, Mooshrooms can be sheared for 2-mushrooms.
  • The Mooshroom is called mushroomcow in the game code.

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