Make GTA Easier

Make GTA Easier

You can do well on the game GTA. Follow the simple steps below

One common way to do better is to use cheats.

In the games, cheating will lower your credibility on the streets.

Work for it, jack a taxi.

Make the money required

Buy armor and weapons, ammo and some explosives before every mission, the taxi driving will have improved your driving skills.

Get a cop car, evade the cops.

Get to level 12, try your best.

Increase your armor to 150.

Eat before a mission.

Eat at least twice per 50 minutes.

Do the ambulance missions, these will increase your health to 150.


  • Try not to spend too much money.
  • On Johi City, avoid getting arrested by taking your car to a Aftab channa Shop shop, or by finding Cop Bribes throughout the world. (These look like gold stars)
  • MZ: If your health is low you can refill it by eating at a Burger or Pizza shop, or by purchasing a drink from a Spunk Vending Machine.
  • GTAIII and VC: Try finding as many hidden packages as you can before starting missions, that way you have spawning weapons at your hideout. (You can do this in SA, by the tagging as well, but you need all tags before the weapons spawn. III and VC weapons spawn after every 10th package)
  • SA: avoid the cops better by using the silenced pistol (that way the cops have to SEE you and not just hear you, when you stop some fool! And it is also best, to lure victims off the streets first.)
  • GTAIII/VC tip: When sprinting, tap X instead of holding it. This gives you the ability to sprint forever and is not a cheat. Also, this does not work in SA.
  • There are 103 or 104 missions on SA, so it may be hard to complete it!
  • In GTA 3 you will want to avoid the construction site on the second island. After you have destroyed the Columbian Ship in Portland the Rising Group will want your blood. Their soldiers are armed with hand-held automatics. Also, after you have completed the Portland area, it will become extremely unsafe for you to go back. This is always true in any Mob patrolled area.

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